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  • lund genesis tri-fold tonneau

    Chuck Installs Genesis Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover on His F-150

    November 12th, 2010 by admin

    lund genesis tri-fold tonneauI wanted to put a tonneau cover on my truck but didn’t want to go with a really expensive fiberglass one. I really wanted something I could take off pretty easily and wouldn’t take up a lot of room in my garage. The fiberglass tonneau covers look cool but they are really heavy.

    Lund International makes a tonneau that fits my needs. They have a Genesis Tri-Fold tonneau cover that works perfectly. No tools are needed at all, making this a quick and easy install. It hooks up underneath your bedrail via clamps. The cover folds over twice, which makes your bed still useful.
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  • toyota tacome grille

    Marcos Installs a Grille Guard on His Toyota Tacoma

    November 11th, 2010 by admin

    toyota tacoma grilleMy 2004 Toyota truck came with a black plastic grille guard, which I immediately cut out myself and replaced with a sturdy bright aluminum billet grille guard made by Stull Industries. Installation is simple. No special tools are needed – just a simple hacksaw blade (fine, preferably metal for easy handling). Instructions are simple to follow. The end result is eye candy. If you maintain it, the lust should last for a long time. Should it ever pit, just use ultra-fine steel wool to remove it and Mothers aluminum polish to restore it.

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  • afe cold air intake

    aFe Cold Air Intake for 2010 Ford Raptor

    November 9th, 2010 by admin

    afe cold air intakeWe are excited to showcase the new 2010 Ford Raptor aFe Cold Air Intake. The Ford Raptor is a truck with limited production, but it’s not ignored by aFe for the performance enthusiast! aFe managed to produce an additional 18hp and 22ft-lbs of torque on this muscle of a truck. We noticed a hefty difference over the stock design with quicker throttle response and more horsepower. Anyone who owns a Raptor needs to consider this kit!
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  • True Trac Differential

    Greg’s Differential Decision

    November 3rd, 2010 by admin

    True Trac Differential Here’s a quick recap on the Ranger situation. I tore up the rear Ford 8.8″ housing and decided to replace it with another 8.8″ I found, but this time I’m using 31 spline axles and installing 4.56 gears with a True-Trac. I realized the damaged housing was beyond repair and the Currie 9″ was a bit out of my budget (for now).
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  • Creek2

    Off-Roading on Deer Creek Trail

    October 28th, 2010 by admin

    Date: July 27, 2010

    Trail: Deer Creek, Radical Hill Flats, & Middle Fork of the Swan located in Summit County, Colorado

    Trail Leaders: Tom & Traci McCready in a 1990 Jeep Comanche with 6.5 inch lift and 33×12.50×15 Goodyear MTRszs
    Background on trail leaders;

    Tom has been the president of South Park 4×4 Club for the past 8 years and is an ASE Master Mechanic. Traci is the secretary and treasurer of South Park as well as a retired firefighter and hunting & fishing guide. Tom & Traci have over 20 years of off road experience each.
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  • differential dilemma

    Greg’s Differential Dilemma

    October 27th, 2010 by admin

    ford housing

    A while ago I took the Ranger out to the desert and held it wide open for a punishing 300 miles. It did really well and, despite a few close calls, drove under its own power back onto the trailer. Anytime I go out and don’t break the truck (or myself) I consider that a success.

    Well, apparently success has its price. While inspecting the truck (something I highly recommend before and after every outing), I found the rear backing plate was completely torn off the axle housing, taking the brake line and parking brake cable with it. The before-and-after pictures speak for themselves. Oh well.
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  • Hella Headlight Conversion Kit

    Hella Headlight Conversion Kit Review

    October 21st, 2010 by admin

    Hella Headlight Conversion KitI have tried a couple of different housing kits on my car and the Hella headlight conversion kit is by far the best one out there. The last few I tried were good, but the issue I had with them is that the lens was made from plastic. I loved the fact that they were a diamond cut back, but something on the road usually jumped up and damaged them.

    The Hella kit is actually made out of heavy-duty glass. It also comes with new bulbs, which is a plus. This is a great product for those that have a seal H4 beam vehicle and want to be able to use higher wattage bulbs.

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  • Jeepspeed 1790

    Ryan Builds His Jeep Cherokee XJ Into a Winning 1700 Jeepspeed Class

    October 18th, 2010 by admin

    jeepspeed 1790For many years I flipped through all the different off road magazines, looking at all the Jeeps and trucks that they would feature. But the pages that would really catch my eye were the stories about the different desert races going on around the states and Mexico. Nothing is cooler than an unlimited Trophy Truck throwing dirt thirty feet in the air, or a Class 11 Volkswagen Beetle bouncing through the desert.
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  • PIAA Xtreme White Plus Bulbs

    Upgrading Your Headlights to PIAA Xtreme White Plus Bulbs

    October 15th, 2010 by admin

    PIAA Xtreme White Plus BulbsWhen it comes to headlights, people always say HID is the way to go. There are a lot of different aftermarket companies that now sell upgrade kits for your truck ranging from $50-$100. Some of the guys here at work have bought some of those kits and they look and work great, but I decided not to go in that direction.
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  • Diablo Catch Can

    Diablo Catch Can Review

    October 14th, 2010 by admin

    Diablo Catch Can The 5.7 Hemi, named after its hemisphere-shaped combustion chambers, has been Dodge’s go-to motor since the 1960s, has been used in NASCAR, and has been modified and developed all the way through today. The newer trucks with the 5.7 have PVC, which sends any unburned gas from the crankcase back into the throttle body and can cause minor horsepower loss and sludge buildup.
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