Project S-10 Revolution: Introducing My Luxury Prerunner

March 11th, 2010 by admin

I started a Luxury Prerunner project about 8 months ago. This will be a monthly update on the build status and future plans. But first, the beginning…

My platform is known as “The worst truck to build a prerunner.” I bought a 1998 Chevy S-10 Extended Cab 4.3L with 100,000 mile for 4,000 dollars.

Chevy S-10 Prerunner

My plans for the truck were:

  • Bulkhead front suspension
  • Crate 350, carb
  • Full cage from front to back
  • Custom 9″ housing, 40 spline axles, and a locker
  • Wilwood brakes system front and rear
  • Rear 3 link system
  • …and much more

I did my homework and found there was one man known as the S10 God. His name was Jason and his shop was called The GMR, which happened to be about 3 miles from my house. After picking up the truck I brought it home and over a 3-month period I would strip and sell it piece by piece until I had a frame and cab. I made about $3,000 off the parts, so my project started at 1,000 dollars with a finish goal under $60,000. Now that sounds like a big number but I was always told to do it right the first time.

Jason and I got together and formed a build plan which would put this truck into a category where no S10 had gone before. Check out my next post for the first steps we took to upgrading this truck.

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4 Responses to “Project S-10 Revolution: Introducing My Luxury Prerunner”

  1. Dude, that’s awesome! Does your guy work on Fords too?

  2. Yes Mike,

    THE GMR is a shop that 4 Wheel Parts sell parts to and he does more custom labor that our store cannot.

    Here is his webpage

  3. Congrads on the lofty goal! The words, Luxury, PreRunner, and S-10 have never been used in the same sentence before! Good luck with the build!

  4. 🙂

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