Project S-10 Revolution: The First Upgrades

March 12th, 2010 by admin

Our first step on the 1998 Chevy S-10 was building a cab cage, for which we used 2″ main tubing and 1 3/4″ support tubes. This process took about a month and was designed to allow for maximum clearance for both driver and passenger. Below is a picture of the complete cab cage:

Chevy S-10 Prerunner Cab Cage

After the cab cage was complete, Jason used a CAD program that allowed him to create a suspension and then cycle it, allowing adjustment to eliminate and bumpsteer or camber/caster change through its full travel. This process took about 2 months and the end result was this:

Chevy S-10 Prerunner CAD

From this stage, we sent the build files to a laser cutter who brought back hundreds of pieces that Jason welded into arms, shock towers, or bulkheads. We are currently welding this complete Bulkhead assembly together and it will go on the below truck:

Chevy S-10 Prerunner Bulkhead

While laser cut was coming in and being assembled, we decided to play with the CAD and work on a proto-type rear end using 4″ axle tubes. This would allow us to install 40 spline axles, which can take a beating from the crate 350. Here is the CAD design:

Chevy S-10 Prerunner CAD

Chevy S-10 Prerunner CAD

This is the current stage of the build and I will keep updating with each stage or design we come up with.

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