Introducing Kyle Irvin, Winner of the 4 Wheel Parts Facebook Dream Upgrade Contest – Part 4

February 17th, 2011 by admin

Dodge Ram 2500I truly love off-roading! I love the outdoors, the camaraderie, the split second decisions, the fear of soiling your pants when going skyward up a hill, and, lately, the feeling of not being held back by my injury. Unfortunately, it’s still very uncomfortable to drive the truck with my back, but just being able to go where everyone else goes and not be the slow one feels wonderful. I truly believe people who off-road are more friendly and giving than the average person. We throw fundraisers for injured soldiers, we host Wheelin’ for the Wounded (where my pic was taken), we stop to help strangers, we share parts and fluids and food, we leave no one behind, and the vast majority of us truly cares for and respects the land we ride on. I can’t think of too many other groups of people that do so much for others as off-roaders.

And that’s just the off-roading part! The other side is the fabricating and building and sweating as you build something of your dreams with your own two hands. We are creative and inventive. We come up with crazy stuff that works and we are constantly striving to improve on it. I love the imagination that we have and share. Each one of us adds to the group. Every idea and thought gets thrown together until we have something greater than any one of us could have come up with on our own! I love every aspect of it…I don’t want to think of a time where I can’t be a part of it!

So what am I going to spend the $500 on from winning the 4 Wheel Parts Facebook contest? That’s a very hard question, as you can see. You don’t sell many V10 parts, so that’s out. I don’t have any plans for the suspension stuff until after the engine swap is done, so that’s out. The only things I can come up with are transfer case upgrades, new shocks/steering stabilizers, a winch, or lights. I’ve been rattling my brain on the transfer case idea, because there are numerous options. I can get an NP241 SYE kit like I previously stated, but eventually I want a doubler, Stak, or Atlas, so it would be a waste in the long run. I can swap in a Dana 300 and buy an HD 32 spline rear upgrade and flip it, so it would be a good base for a later NP241/300 doubler. There are a few other upgrades I could get for the Dana 300 like a Stak 300 Replace-A-Case to switch it to a driver drop.

Too many choices, that’s the problem! I’m not sure how quickly I will be doing the suspension upgrades, so I’m hesitant to get new shocks when I may change then in a few months. I also have a hard time spending the money on lights when I need to finish the V10 swap. Finally, the XRC12 winch might not fit my Road Armor bumper if I don’t measure it first. I would welcome some insight, but it might make me come up with another idea I hadn’t previously thought of, LOL.

Here’s a list of my current upgrades:
• 1998 Dodge Ram 2500 Quad Cab Sport V8 automatic
• 4.88 gears w/ Front & Rear 35 spline ARBs
ARB compressor
• ARB diff covers
• 35 Spline EMS hub conversion kit & CAD elimination kit
• Moser 35 spline rear shafts
• 325/75R18 Nitto Terra Grapplers on 18×10″ aluminum rims
Skyjacker 2.5″ suspension system w/ dual front shocks
• New rear springs (no blocks)
• DT ProFab .5″ control arms
Skyjacker dual steering stabilizer
• DT Profab steering support
• Borgeson Steering Shaft
• CSF full aluminum radiator
• Open Mopar air filter
• Hughes billet plenum plate
• Nerf bars
• LINE-X bed & rockers
• Road Armor front and rear stealth bumpers
• MagnaFlow dual exhaust muffler and performance catalytic converter
• Bed box
• Rapid hitch
Taillight guards
• Husky floor mats

Soon to have:
• DIY4X 5″ rear shackle flip
• 2″ front coil pucks
2″ Performance Accessories body lift
• Energy Suspension body mounts
• DT Profab track bar
38-40″ tires
• Beadlock rims
• Hydraulic assist

I could go on and on about the plans…

I have had only good experiences with 4 Wheel Parts. Unfortunately, I know more people who have had bad experiences than good, but I always say something positive so people don’t think bad experiences are normal. I’ve had a few warranty issues over the past 10+ years, but every one of them has been handled to my satisfaction. They may not have all been done as quickly as I would have liked, but they were always taken care of and I always ended up happy.

You already read about the Road Armor bumper complaint and how it was handled, but I also had 2 major issues with my front axle after the gears and ARBs were installed. I had the front pinion bearing fail shortly after installation and the guys in Fort Worth replaced the gears, bearings, and everything without question or complaint. During that repair, the front seal started leaking on the passenger front axle and I believed the axle shaft had moved it during installation. I was in Tulsa by that time and the Fort Worth 4 Wheel parts contacted the store in Oklahoma City and had the manager call me to schedule a time. They explained everything to him before I called and there were no questions about whose fault it was. I just had to buy the new seal and bring it in with the truck. The manager even met me on a Sunday at the store and I caught a ride to the airport with your regional rep so they could have the whole week to fix it. On top of that, they waited after closing time for me to pick it up on a Friday night! How could I not be a lifetime customer?!

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