Working at Truck & Jeep Fest

March 29th, 2010 by admin

Many of you have probably attended Truck & Jeep Fest, but have you ever wondered what it’s like to work one?

To start off, you’ll be catching the red eye on a Thursday night going to some distant city like Denver, Atlanta, Orlando, Dallas, or Cleveland. You’ll arrive early Friday morning, and may or may not get a few hours of sleep before starting 12 hours of fun.

Usually the event is held in a large convention center or fairgrounds, so it’s kind of like a circus or fair except you’re the ones running it. It looks like an anthill, with forklifts and trucks moving things everywhere. There’s an energetic, bustling atmosphere that keeps you motivated while setting up. After a long day, you’re taken out to dinner and head back to the hotel for some much needed sleep.

Saturday comes bright and early, and the crowds are relentless. Usually a salesman will find himself in ‘the pit,’ the main area where the terminals are set up and transactions take place. There’s anywhere from 15-25 salesmen manning this pit, and sometimes over 100 people in line! It’s a taxing event, but worth the effort.

Sunday is a little less busy then Saturday, but you have to break everything down and pack it away, just like the circus; put it up, bring it down. After another long day, you go out with your co-workers for a good dinner and good company. Despite the exhaustion, jet lag, and working all weekend, it’s a rewarding experience. Conquering mental and physical challenges while reaching your goal is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. Strangers and co-workers become new friends, and the challenging events turn into fond memories of an exciting weekend.


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4 Responses to “Working at Truck & Jeep Fest”

  1. Greg,

    Please start including location of your posts. Where is Dumont Dunes located? Where is the truck and Jeep fest located? I would like to attend some of the events or locales if they are within a decent drive. I just returned from Moab Easter Jeep safari. I had to return prior to the main events and trade show. Maybe that is what you are calling the Jeep fest. Thanks for the info and nice looking truck.

  2. Thanks for the compliment! The Truck and Jeep Fest schedule link is posted on our home page. As for the riding spots, I should have mentioned they are all Southern California locations. Future posts will include other riding areas in Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, and Utah.

  3. Does this mean you need volunteers to help work jeep fest?

  4. Dumont Dunes is located 37 miles NW of Baker, CA. Moab is very similar to the truck and Jeep Fests, which are posted on our calender at

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