Now Exclusively with 4 Wheel Parts: Auto Meter Jeep Wrangler Gauge Kit

November 17th, 2014 by Rachel Sheelam

4 Wheel Parts has introduced a new Auto Meter gauge kit for 2011-2014 Jeep Wranglers, available exclusively as a part of their line of globally distributed products. As enthusiasts and off-roaders, the 4 Wheel Parts team has struggled alongside the Jeep community with the JK’s lack of OEM transmission temperature and oil pressure gauges – which is why they are excited to partner with Auto Meter to offer an easy solution.


A prominent retailer of Jeep and ­truck accessories, 4 Wheel Parts supplies Auto Meter products to vehicles of all types to meet a variety of needs, from voltmeter gauges to programmable speedometers. The new and exclusive Jeep JK package is particularly useful as the Wranglers, despite being one of the most frequently off-roaded vehicles on the market, lack two vital monitoring systems: the transmission temperature gauge and oil pressure gauge.


Off-roading is notoriously tough on automatic transmissions and keeping the system cool while traversing tough terrain at low speeds can be tricky. If temperatures aren’t monitored closely, the result can be costly transmission problems down the line. Issues can also arise if oil pressures are not monitored, especially on the trail, so the two-gauge plus mount kit can save Wrangler owners a lot of time, trouble and cash.


The kit includes both electric gauges and a black Auto Meter Dual A-pillar mount, which snaps into place for easy installation and can be painted to match any Jeep interior. It is only available at 4 Wheel Parts, your truck and Jeep accessory superstore.


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