Bumps Bumps with an MTX Sub

April 21st, 2010 by admin

MTX Subwoofer Controller

I’m still doing my research on the exhaust (leaning towards Dynomax), but I wanted to tell you guys about the new upgrade I just added to my F-150. The latest upgrade I made was to the inside of the truck. I have added a self-power subwoofer made by MTX Part# F150C04. I was tired of listening to music without any bass.

Built In MTX Subwoofer

MTX actually made an enclosure that comes equipped with the subwoofer and amplifier pre-installed. The Sub is a 12″ and is more than enough for this truck. This unit fits flush under the rear driver’s side seat. The seat still folds up and down, and you do not have to worry about removing the jack because it stays in the factory location. I love the fact that MTX actually gives you the ability to change the level and frequencies on the amplifier with easy access to it, plus they also give you a bass controller that you can mount on your dash.

As far as installation on it, honestly, I didn’t mess with this one. When it comes to stereo stuff I stay away. My really good friend came over and had the sub installed in 1 1/2hrs and all it cost me was a 12 pack – can’t beat that at all. It really didn’t look like there was much to it. All the wiring needed for the install came with this unit.
MTX Subwoofer

I really have to give MTX credit when it comes down to the stylish look of their product. There are a couple of guys here that have the wooden enclosure, but it looks very tacky and they still have to run a separate amp. This unit here had it all built-in and looks 10 times better. The other great option that they give you is that it can match the color of your interior.

I must tell you that a sub is a must for any vehicle, not just trucks. It really makes the listening of your favorite tunes complete. The fact that the sound stays inside the cab is the best part. This sub is not annoyingly loud at all, unless you decide to crank the volume all the way up, but by doing that you will hear a distorted bass sound. If you set the frequencies and levels on the amp correctly, you will really never have to adjust the bass knob at all unless you want a little more kick. This sub sounds great and I’m glad I own it. Thank you MTX for making such a great product.


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  1. I live in Los Angeles, Ca and am looking for someone good to install my sub and amp. Do you have any recommendations? Also, do you have any brand sub woofers that you prefer over other brands? I am new to this and want to get the best possible

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