Ford 6.0 Head Gaskets

April 12th, 2010 by admin

Being the owner of a Ford 6.0 diesel, I am often asked how I have so much power without it being plagued with problematic head gasket issues. The main reason the 6.0 blows head gaskets is that the heads are held on by torque-to-yield bolts. This essentially means that upon assembly, the factory head bolts have a micro-elastic property intended to increase pressure between the head and block, which sounds great. The problem is that if they are pushed past their intended specifications (i.e. programmers, heavy towing, heavy right foot) the bolts actually stretch just enough to release pressure and blow a head gasket.

6.0 Head Gaskets

Install a set of ARP head studs to solve this problem. They are made of the sturdiest material on earth and will not yield to the given torque specs. Be aware: the job is very labor intensive. I would get a Ford mechanic to do it for you, especially if you are still covered under warranty (it’s no extra work for them and it ensures they won’t have to do the job again). The stud kit runs about $450 and is worth every penny.

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