Gale Banks Ram Air Intake Installation

March 15th, 2010 by admin

Lots of people ask what the best intake is for their diesel. While I wish to remain unbiased and objective, I will say that out of all the intakes I have used on my 2005 F250 6.0 (which is pretty much all of them), the Gale Banks Ram Air was one of the easiest to install and made the most difference in power and throttle response.

Gale Banks Ram Air Intake

The clear, concise instructions make installation a breeze. Once installed, the filter is completely isolated from engine heat and draws air through the factory opening. Though I can’t officially recommend this, I cut a hole in the sheet metal at the air inlet to allow even more flow. Personally, I think this should be done on every vehicle that has a restrictive front grille support.

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  1. Greg D

    Nice pic of your HighRam – –
    But none of the RamAir you are posting about???

  2. Good eye! The picture should be corrected shortly.

  3. I could not take my eyes from u 🙂
    Nice blog

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