Installing a RideTech Lowering Kit on a 2009 Dodge Ram

November 16th, 2010 by admin

dodge ram 1500After a couple months of riding on my Ground Force lowering kit, like every guy’s mentality I just had to keep going…lower. In order for me to get the look I wanted, I would have to go with a company that manufactures what I feel are the BEST quality air bags in today’s industry: RideTech. I talked to Tony over at RideTech and with great enthusiasm they shipped me one of their production rear 2009+ Dodge Ram kits, which includes custom bags that are designed with a taper so the bag doesn’t get hung up or blow out when I run lower pressure for truck shows or parking. New heavy-duty sway bar links correct the angle, allowing the sway bar to function properly. The kit includes a pair of high-quality, smooth-riding shocks and any hardware needed to install the parts.

dodge ram 1500The Install

The kit is VERY easy to install and requires minor trimming of the spring retainer. I was timed from the moment I started to remove the first lug to the second the last lug went back on, and it only took 1 hour and 45 minutes. For an additional 2-3 inches of drop, this is awesome! You will need a cutting wheel, but everything else is hand tools. I do recommend you have at least 2′ of ratchet extensions for the driver’s side shock; it will save you a lot of time when you have to go above and across the fuel tank.

dodge ram 1500The Result

RideTech advises that you run the bags at 45 PSI and maintain a ride height on the bag of 9.5″. I am running a custom roll pan and have removed my spare so my truck is about 150lbs lighter, allowing me to run at 35 PSI. This gives my truck a 5″ rear drop, matching the front end for an aggressive level stance.

Now that the truck looked mean, I had to drive it and since I have driven bagged trucks before I was sure the ride would be bumpy and rough. To my surprise, this kit rides well! After a couple of trips around the block, I decided to cruise the freeway. At 60, 70, and 80 MPH, the truck drives great and can handle any dips, bumps, or drops the road throws at me. I couldn’t believe I had a bagged truck.

dodge ram 1500This install has opened my eyes and I hope to talk with RideTech and install the front end bags. They make a quality part at an affordable price. I think the ease of install, clear instructions, and great phone support separate RideTech from any…wait – they are the ONLY company who can properly design, test, and produce a kit for the 2009 Dodge Ram.


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