Installing New Floor Mats – WeatherTech DigitalFit Floor Liners

April 19th, 2010 by admin

There’s really not much to the installation of new floor mats; all you really do is take your old ones out and slide the new ones in. I think the toughest part was deciding on which mats to go with.

Weather Tech Digital Fit Floor Liner

There are a couple of companies that have been around for years and offer different floor liners. I decided to go with the WeatherTech DigitalFit FloorLiner. The thing that caught my eye on these liners was the attention to detail that WeatherTech put into these liners. I really like that they made these liners fit perfectly to every edge and curve that the truck has. I mean, they even had a cutout for where the factory floor mat hooked onto. I have seen other brands just cover that up and not even use it. High five for that idea, WeatherTech!

Weather Tech Digital Fit Floor Liner

The one-piece rear liners are a great design by them as well. Once again, their attention to detail was great. They fit right in without any problems at all. These are truly heavy-duty and spill-free floor liners. My nephew put it to the test when he spilled his whole juice box and dropped his toy cars on them. I didn’t find out about it until we arrived at our destination and saw the puddle of juice. Because of their sidewall design, the juice did not spill on any of my carpet. That made me really happy since I have a grey interior.

Another plus was that they actually have a good grip, meaning that if you drop something it doesn’t go sliding everywhere. The overall construction of these liners is just awesome. The materials that were used to make these liners are really durable and sturdy. WeatherTech hit a homerun with this product.


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