James Installs a VIAIR Kit and a Firestone Gauge on His Dodge Ram

December 28th, 2010 by admin

VAir Lowering KitI finished installing my new rear suspension, but, like any air bag, you need to have a compressor, tank, switch, and gauge setup to control the height of the vehicle. After hours of reading and pricing, I decided to go with a VIAIR kit with a Firestone gauge and switch panel.

Considering this build was only for shows, I did not want to go with solenoids, which add more installation work and raise my risk of leaks or failures. I started with the VIAIR constant duty kit, which includes a 2.5 gallon tank and 450C compressor. This kit will be plenty since I only plan to lower/lift the truck when I park or go to shows. I can also use the kit in the future for a train horn setup.

Firestone GaugeSince this is my first vehicle with air suspension, I decided to go low tech and simple. This allowed me to install the kit at home, saving money and reducing my chance of a breakdown. The gauge kit was the Firestone Dual control gauge/switch panel. This kit has a single gauge with two needles and two switches. I could hook up the bags a couple of different ways, but I did plan on installing a front air suspension. I used a t-fitting to connect the two rear bags together. Then, on the third connection, I hooked up my switch.

With both parts installed, I am now able to lower my truck +5″ and lift it back to +2″. This is a bonus because I can now compensate for loads in my truck. If I decide to go out with friends, 5 people=1,200 pounds and say another 500 pounds in gear with the bags at 50 psi instead of the normal 35psi. My truck is still at the correct ride height and rides smoothly, all controlled by the driver inside the cab. This same setup can be used with any of our common helper bag kits like Firestone or Airlift, which bolt on to Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Nissan, and Toyota trucks.

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  1. Where on you Dodge Truck did you install the Viair compressor?

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