Ridetech Front Air Suspension for 2009 Dodge Ram 1500

June 3rd, 2011 by admin

Ride Tech Front Air SuspensionI finally got the front air suspension, so I can complete my truck. I decided to go with a ShockWave with a single-stage adjustment. The bag allows a total of -5 drop and improves handling. The ShockWave design is a bag with a shock going through the center, and it allows for adjustment in shock firmness. The installation is pretty straightforward, with minor cutting to allow for extra clearance. The minor cutting can be done with a simple hand grinder.

Harbor Freight GrinderAs a side note, I do not recommend this Harbor Freight grinder (see image). It took me three trips and grinders to get the job done. A better quality tool would have shaved 1.5 hours off the time it took to complete the installation.

With the new suspension, my ride quality is amazing. Compared to stock, the ShockWave bags reduce bounce at high speeds on the freeway for a plush ride. It literally feels like you are riding on air. I am very pleased with the overall quality, instruction, design, and function of the parts. For a first-time air bag installer, Ridetech makes it easy to bolt-on a better ride and a unique look. 


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