Video: Greg Installing a Dynatrac Free Spin Kit

September 27th, 2011 by admin

After postponing this installation for a few years now, I finally buckled and picked up the Dynatrac Free Spin Kit. Following my “do it once, do it right” policy, I opted for the upgraded DynaLoc hubs and ProSteer billet ball joints. Pin it to win it, right?

Installation was more involved than I expected, yet went smoothly. Dynatrac provides easy-to-follow directions, and with the help of a great mechanic, everything went together in about five hours. The original video was a bit long, so I edited out the beginning, assuming anyone confident enough to install this knows how to take the tires and brakes off, along with pulling axles.

One advantage I forgot to mention in the video is the deletion of the factory unit bearing hubs. Newer Ford and Dodge trucks have sealed, one-piece hub bearings instead of old-school, cast-iron hubs with pressed-on wheel bearings. I assume the reason for this is ease of production on the assembly line, along with reducing costs no doubt. The problem is that when (not if) these unit bearings go out, they are very expensive to replace, averaging $350 or more per side. When they’re starting to fail, they can screech, vibrate, or wobble.  At other times, they will seize and lock up the tire — and, in some cases, break completely off. The thought of any of these possibilities was enough to convince me of this product’s necessity.

That, and I am averaging one mile to the gallon more. It doesn’t sound like much, but with diesel over $4 a gallon, I’ll take it. All in all, I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the product and ease of installation. If you plan on keeping your Ford or Dodge, it really is a must have. This is the one of the few times you’re better of fixing it before it breaks!



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2 Responses to “Video: Greg Installing a Dynatrac Free Spin Kit”

  1. Thanks for this video @Greg. And thanks for the info regarding the Ford and Dodge’s bearing hubs.

  2. You’re welcome! When I came across this problem myself, I was surprised at how little coverage there was online. I guess most people just replace the old unit bearings with new ones. Overall I am very happy with the end product. Just remember to lock in your hubs before you get stuck!

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