Camping Gear for Your Adventure-Mobile

March 30th, 2015 by admin

One of the tremendous aspects of owning a 4×4 vehicle is the ability to leave the crowd behind and get away into nature for a little while. Your truck, Jeep or SUV can do a lot more than just get you there, though: with the right gear, you can transform your vehicle into a home away from home, perfect for your next wilderness adventure.


Some serious outdoors(wo)men drastically modify their vehicles to turn them into motorized mobile homes, but that isn’t practical for everyone. If your weekend warrior is also a daily driver or you’re just not interested in such an exorbitant change, consider these accessories for camping in comfort with your 4×4 which are easily removed and packed up when you’re done.

Tents and Tent accessories

Pitching a standard tent means finding a flat location and clearing it of all debris – then likely discovering that one rock you missed when you attempt to get some shuteye. 4 Wheel Parts’ selection of roof top, truck and SUV tents ensures that you have a comfortable place to sleep no matter where your adventures take you.


Roof Top Tents: A roof top tent is the perfect camping accessory for the 4×4 owner. No more lumpy sleeping areas, plus you get up off the ground and away from the majority of crawlers and critters. The one caveat to a roof top tent is that installation requires a roof rack, but as you’ll see below, it’s an accessory worth investing in no matter your choice of sleeping structures.

Truck and SUV Tents: Built to fit into your truck bed or attach to your SUV’s cargo area, truck and SUV tents provide you a sheltered sleeping area without leaving your vehicle.

Truck Bed Air Mattress: Sleep under the stars or take advantage of your truck bed shell with a heavy-duty truck bed air mattress. Designed to your truck bed’s proportions with wheel well reservoirs for a perfect fit, these are built tough to handle the rigors of the outdoors.

Gear Storage Accessories

Any adventure requires certain gear and in order to bring it with you, your 4×4 will need the right set of storage accessories. Bring everything you need for your next hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, skiing, rock climbing, spelunking, white water rafting adventure* with these storage accessories.

*If you’re doing all of these things on one adventure, you’re gonna need a bigger boat


Roof Rack: Not only is a roof rack a necessity for a roof top tent, it’s one of the best ways to transport your gear. A properly accessorized roof rack will carry everything from camping gear to skis and mountain bikes safely and can be the only way to bring such things along for the ride if you’re in a vehicle notorious for limited cargo space, like a Jeep.

Interior Storage Accessories: Keep your gear close at hand and organized with 4 Wheel Parts interior storage accessories. Whether you’re in the market for a pet divider for your four-legged family members, seat storage bags or an interior cargo rack, we’ve got you covered.

Cargo Management Accessories: From racks to cargo straps to truck bed organizers, the right cargo management accessories can help you pack all of your gear securely.

Electricity, Power and Solar Accessories

Getting away from it all doesn’t always have to mean getting away from it all. Power everything from laptops to mini fridges to electric lanterns with generators and solar power accessories from 4 Wheel Parts.


Solar Power: Power your campsite with the world’s only truly renewable resource: the sun. 4 Wheel Parts selection of Goal Zero solar power accessories, including solar panels, generators and solar-powered lanterns and speakers, will give your gadgets and gear the juice they need.

Generator: Ensure you have power even on an overcast day with a Smittybilt EPS Inverter Generator. Its 1.5 gallon fuel tank will charge your electronic devices no matter the weather.

Powering your next adventure isn’t only about convenience – it can be a big safety advantage. Keep your GPS devices and cell phones charged in case there is an emergency.

Safety and First Aid

There’s a good reason the Boy Scout motto is “be prepared”: anything can happen any day, but out in the wild even a small dose of Murphy’s Law can be dangerous. Prepare for your adventure with these safety and first aid accessories.


CB Radio: While an amateur Ham radio or Satellite phone is the best choice for the serious adventurer, a CB Radio is a simpler and more practical choice for those who don’t venture too far from the beaten path. At the very least, a handheld CB Radio can keep you in touch with base camp when you step away for a hike.

First Aid Kit: Treat minor injuries or handle urgent care situations while you reach an appropriate medical facility with a first aid kit. Choose from three sizes, with contents ranging from painkillers to emergency blankets.

Fire Extinguisher: A fire extinguisher should adorn every off-roading vehicle, but it is especially important if you’re going to be cooking over an open flame on your adventures.

Camping Tools and Lifestyle

These outdoors accessories range from essentials to conveniences, depending on your choice of adventure. Either way, they’ll certainly make your trips more enjoyable.


Trail Tools: From axes to utility shovels to multi-tools, packing the right camping tools will keep your adventure moving along smoothly.

Cold Food Storage: Choose from rugged coolers and low-power-consumption fidge/freezers to keep your edibles fresh and cold on the trail.  This way, you can skip the protein bars and go straight to grilling steak in the great outdoors.

Water and Waste: Keeping yourselves and your campsites clean can be difficult on the trail, especially with little ones, but it’s important for yours and the environment’s healthy. These water and waste accessories will keep your campsite tidy with ease.

Trail Chairs: Our ARB trail chairs were designed with strength and durability as the top priority, making them the perfect camping chair.

Portable Lighting: 4 Wheel Parts selection of flashlights and portable lighting is built for the trail with attributes like low energy consumption, magnetic ends, rechargeable batteries and even solar power.

Trail Shades and Awnings: Protect yourself from the sun, the wind, the mosquitos and the creepy crawlies with our selection of trail shades and awnings for your truck, Jeep or SUV.

Follow this link to shop 4 Wheel Parts entire selection of camping and outdoor lifestyle products. To learn more about the author of this article, Rachel Bowes, follow her on Google Plus.

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