Chasing the 43rd SCORE Baja 1000 – Part 1

February 24th, 2011 by admin

Baja Race19 of your best buddies…

2,240 miles…

54 hours in the truck…

That’s the short version of what it takes to beat the Baja Peninsula into submission and get back home safely, and that’s exactly what we did.

The Dust Junkies and Fat City crews pulled off an almost flawless run. It all started months ago when plans were made and preparations began for the race car, chase trucks, and crew. It all came together early in the morning of November 16, 2010. The truck was packed with tools, spares, food, water, and everything else that we might need to get the job done. We met up with the rest of the crew and headed south.

Crossing into Baja at Tijuana was uneventful. Travel documents were obtained and our adventure began.

We had a pleasant journey to Ensenada and checked into our hotel at Estero Beach Resort. One of the first things we did was go to the Big Burro Taco Shop just outside of the Estero Beach Resort compound for the first of many meals at the best taco shop in all of Baja. Irena and her family did a fine job of keeping us nourished with her fish, shrimp, and carne tacos.

Ralf Kuller had flown in from Germany to help with our effort. He’d never driven the PRP race Wrangler, so some of the crew headed to the beginning of the race course for some pre running and to get Ralf familiar with the car. The rest of us relaxed back at the hotel.

Wednesday morning we made the obligatory stop at the Big Burro for breakfast burritos and took the race car to the car wash next door to get it looking spiffy for contingency.

Contingency was its usual spectacle with all of the racers, fans, and vendors crammed into the main street of Ensenada. The car sailed through tech with no problems.

Soon enough, the car was loaded back on the trailer and we headed back to the hotel. On the way back, we decided that we should find a Mexican flag to fly from the car for the race. Every advantage you can get is needed to beat the Baja Peninsula. If flying a Mexican flag would get us the slightest assistance from locals along the way, then so be it. After several stops, we still had not found a flag. We had just about given up on finding one on such short notice when we decided to stop at the Big Burro for some tacos and ask them if they knew where we could get a flag. It turns out they had a flag at the taco shop they could give us…perfect.

Check out my next post to see how we kicked of the Baja 1000 race with a bang.

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