Chasing the 43rd SCORE Baja 1000 – Part 6

April 26th, 2011 by admin

Baja 1000My stomach was in knots and on fire from the coffee, cokes, and energy drinks. I’d taken acid reflux meds and was eating antacid like I had stock in the company, all to no avail. Machelle had been a trooper in the right seat of the truck the whole trip. She may have cat napped a time or two, but she had been a second set of eyes on the road the whole trip. We finally realized something was wrong with her. She had been hiding the pain she was in for hours. She finally told me that her whole left side was hurting and she thought she had some blood in her urine. She’s a tough girl and insisted that we had to push on and she would be OK. We had some pain meds with us, so she took one of them. It seemed to knock the edge off, but she was still in significant pain.

I was fighting sleep deprivation, my eyes felt like they had rocks in them, my heart felt like it was racing from caffeine and energy drinks, and we were a minimum of two days of hard driving from getting home. At times, I worked myself into a near panic to the point that I thought I was just going to shut down.

Just as I was thinking I had to give up, the lights of La Paz came into view. I get chills just from writing that. The final adrenaline surge kicked in. We were there…almost.

The chase crews got to the finish line and began the wait. We got word from SCORE that our car had cleared the last Check Point. We were going to beat the Baja….we were going to do this. We were going to win the Baja 1000, and not just any 1000 but a Peninsula Run, the toughest of the Baja races.

Machelle was in bad shape. She could hardly walk. Standing or sitting offered no relief, yet she insisted on being at the finish line to see the car cross and drive up on the podium. Finally, we saw the distinctive yellow lights on the front of our car in the distance.

We’d done it! The Dust Junkies/Fat City Racing crew had won the Baja 1000! We were Baja Champions!

Check out the final post as I conclude our Baja 1000 experience.

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