Greg’s Glamis Trip of Destruction

May 13th, 2010 by admin

broken ankle

The Glamis trip last weekend was full of destruction. Not only did I break my ankle, but I broke my front driveshaft too. Apparently spooling up to 40psi at 3000rpm and launching 38″ tires in 4wd on pavement is bad for u-joints.

I have come to realize it is expensive being me, but that’s the price you pay for having fun I suppose. At least I won (racing a friend down Gecko Road). But the destruction didn’t end there.


My friend’s CR500 throttle cable snapped (way out in the dunes of course), another friend’s shifter fell off (which is why you carry zip ties and duct tape), another buddy blew up his quad (which is why he should have bought a Honda), and finally my friend’s built prerunner endo’ed (which is why you never let friends drive your race truck).

As we were packing up Sunday morning, a cold storm blew in and dumped forty degree rain on us. Looking back on the weekend, I can honestly say that the worst day in the desert is still better than the best day sitting at home watching TV.


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3 Responses to “Greg’s Glamis Trip of Destruction”

  1. Sounds like you had one hell of a weekend. “…the worst day in the desert is still better than the best day sitting at home watching TV.” Great quote!

  2. I bet you (like most of us would be) were more upset about the broken driveshaft than the ankle. Haha. Nature of the beast, I guess. If things don’t break, you’re not trying hard enough!

  3. I agree Mr Ford Dealer…TV sucks.
    @ guy Yeah man, I was pretty pissed about the driveshaft breaking, but it didn’t stop me from taking it around the dunes, just couldn’t let off the gas! And the ankle didn’t stop me from riding, just kept the boot on all weekend and kept most of the weight on the other foot!

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