Jay’s Jeep Adventures

May 12th, 2010 by admin

Just wanted to make ya’ll aware I am not just a “Jeep JK” Jeep Bastard. My first Jeep experience was a 1978 Jeep CJ5 that I have no picture record of. Next was a 1979 Jeep J20 pickup that I still own, but it’s in storage.

Moab Trail

My first hardcore experience was Sledge Hammer in Johnson Valley, CA around 18 years ago. The CJ7 I ran that day ran a lot of trails over a 20-year span. My last experience in that Jeep was the Jeepers Jamboree 2003. That run was marred with a broken right rear axle, no rear brakes, and a severely broken frame. I am a part of the tail gunner mechanics crew and we know how to get you through the trail and back to the road. So I limped home with a patched up frame (we used anything we could find to weld the frame together again, even u-bolts), a stock right rear axle shaft, 3 of the 4 brake calipers working, and a BIG SMILE. Even a bad day on a trail, is better than a good day at the office! May my blue CJ rest in Jeep heaven.

Moab Trail

In 2004 I started using my TJ Rubicon. I ran Moab the first year I had it. The only upgrades I did to it were a 2” suspension lift with an adjustable track bar and Pro Comp Xterrain tires on stock Rubicon wheels. Later I added WARN front and rear bumpers. This Jeep was very reliable, trail-worthy, and fun to drive.

Currently, I am working on a new CJ7 monster rig that I will update progress on monthly. It started with a Matkins frame, Black Diamond coil over suspension, and DynaTrac 35 spline Pro Rock Dana 60 axles with ARBs and 4:88 gears front and rear. It will run my AMC 360 V8 and a Turbo 400 trans with a Dana 300 Transfer case and a 4 to 1 gear upgrade. Next up is body work. Pictures to follow soon

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4 Responses to “Jay’s Jeep Adventures”

  1. CI am the proud owner of a 73 cj5 with a small block chevy, however the previous owner plugged all the fuel tank vent lines and now I need to know where to properly reroute them. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks. John

  2. John, I worked at Jeep Dealerships for 27 years, and I still have the factory catalogs that show all the fuel
    line routing. Do you still have the vent check valve (roll over vale) ? You also should have an evaporation tank undder the hood near the firewall fender connection point on the driver side. Call me and I can fax you copies of how to make you legal again.
    I love Jeeps, but there are a lot of people who do conversions, and do poor jobs of it. I am very selective of what Jeep I buy that are used so that I don’t spend a fortune correcting the mistakes. Some can be nighmares. My number is 800-741-3956 extension 1-5422.

  3. Well Jay I currently don’t have access to a fax machine,besides work but I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help. Also, no canister under the hood, I bought this as a project so I kind of knew it was gonna be work and money. I love it and opting for another is completely out of the question for me. Kinda stubborn like that. Anyway at least I know who I can turn to in a pinch, Thanks again.


  4. That is one scary place to place your jeep. Good thing those wheels are awesome and strong enough to be steady and safe on the rock.

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