Joe Rogan Podcast Gives Platform to Off-Road Racers

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The April 9, 2014 episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast featured off-road racers Rob MacCachren and Bud Brutsman. Clocking in at two hours, it gave the two a great forum to fill Jo Ro in on the minutiae of off-road racing including Baja 1000 close calls, truck classes, bio-diesel, and race catheters.

Rogan was repeatedly floored by tales about the grueling Baja 1000, the annual off-road event that runs approximately 1,000 miles from Ensenada to La Paz. Bud and Rob related what an adrenalin rush it is to get out of the cubicle mindset and take part in an adventure race that spans 36 straight hours. Rogan was amazed to hear about the 140 mph speeds trucks hit through whoops and over dry lakes.

They chat about movie stars like Steve McQueen and Paul Newman who have raced in the Baja 1000 – McQueen did it when he was 80-years-old! Brutsman talks about how the Baja race has stretches of highway and how insane the off-road part is when you have to dodge cattle and horses.

Colorful tales come out about arriving at a near fatal Baja crash site to find scavengers already there trying to retrieve valuable truck parts. Rob relates how friend Robby Pierce had a snake thrown in the cab of his truck in Mexico.

Rob’s 900 horsepower race truck gets two miles to the gallon and goes 175-225 miles on a tank of gas. The three discuss how Neil Young makes his own diesel fuel on his ranch and how his ‘59 Lincoln runs on bio-diesel. Rob talks about how he’s kicking around the idea of racing an all-electric truck and how phenomenal the torque would be. Then he admits it would be hard to do with 120 mile apart pits.

Another highlight (or lowlight) is when they get into the finer points of wearing race catheters. The drivers tell some revealing tales about what really goes on with catheters. Rogan admits he doesn’t see the point of Jeep crawling and the two racers explain how amazing some of the desert rock crawlers actually are.

They get into the history of off-road racing and car racing in general. How it spawned from the notion of “Race on Sunday, sell on Monday” and many of the racers sold vehicles and aftermarket parts for them. It’s fascinating to hear MacCachren’s recipe for success at Baja – “You go as slow as you can to win the race.”

Fans of off-roading will appreciate the candid insights on the podcast.

David Beran is a Copywriter at 4 Wheel Parts

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