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If you’re a 4×4 owner, what better way to hit the trails than in The Natural State – and no, we aren’t talking about the natural topless state of your Jeep, we mean The Natural State of Little Rock, Arkansas. Whether you have a truck, Jeep or SUV, the 4 Wheel Parts North Little Rock store has the parts and the people to help you enjoy all Little Rock has to offer.


Like all our stores, the North Little Rock 4 Wheel Parts is staffed by industry experts and 4×4 enthusiasts. Jeep and truck parts, from Dick Cepek Tires to ARB bumpers and Bilstein shocks, are prominently featured in the recently-remodeled store’s interactive showroom and customer service is top on our team’s priority list. Having a local 4 Wheel Parts store gives customers the advantage of easy access to affordable, trusted brand names and rapid delivery – but don’t let the big business perks fool you into thinking we’re all about the global with none of the local.

“We use our trucks and Jeeps for daily driving as well as off-roading,” says Scott Harness, a customer of the North Little Rock 4 Wheel Parts. “Because of that, it’s really important for us to have someone local who we can work with. When we run into a problem, we can physically go into the store and say ‘hey, it’s making this noise’ and they can tell us right away ‘this is your problem’ and that’s just immensely helpful.”

“One of the things that is absolutely amazing to me is that the pricing is incredible … then you’ve got service on top of that,” he says. “It’s not just customer service, it’s a relationship and the truth is, you just don’t find that anywhere.”


Scott’s Ford F-350: 6″ Pro Comp lift kit, 37″ Pro Comp MT2 tires and Moto Metal 20×12 wheels, all from 4 Wheel Parts.

The store is involved with a number of local Jeep and off-road clubs through charity event sponsorships and the like, such as the Arkansas Crawlers, 7 Slots Arkansas Jeep Club, Arkansas Jeep Club Alliance, Salty Jeepers, Natural State Jeepers, Jeep Owners of Central Arkansas and Elite Jeepers.

Walk into any 4 Wheel Parts store and you’ll find Razorbacks and Travelers fans, UA grads, truck, Jeep and SUV owners, off-roaders and outdoors enthusiasts. They can tell you plenty of things to do in Little Rock, Arkansas on and off the road (but good luck getting Nick to give up his favorite fishing spot). Like most Arkansawyers, they cherish their families above all else and the peace and quiet of the outdoors just below that.


Two of our store’s favorite off-roading parks in the area include Hot Springs ORV, which is ranked number eight on the list of best off-road parks in the nation, and Carter Off-Road Park in Alexander.

“Hot Springs offers great riding for people of all skill levels, with trails ranging from one (easy) to five (you’re going to break something),” says Store Manager Nick Gulalo. “It’s a great place to hit the trails or go camping, and Carter is good for the trails and playing in the mud.”

We know that our customers in Little Rock aren’t just hardcore off-roaders, they also take advantage of the area’s outstanding hunting, fishing, boating and outdoor adventure opportunities. That’s why we’re not just building weekend warriors: we’re helping families get to the lake, making sure you can load your ATV into your truck safely and providing the right tires to keep SUVs on the road when the mountain paths are slick with snow – and we take pride in that.


“The off-roading culture here is diverse. From rock crawling and mud bogging to just having a great time trail riding in the national forest … and we cater to all of those passions here at North Little Rock,” says Gulalo.

Our first priority is our customers and their priority is finding the best price on parts. Here’s a little about the people who are going to help you do that when you step into our store.


Store Manager Nick Gulalo: Nick has been a part of the 4 Wheel Parts team for a decade, starting out in Southern California at our Redondo Beach location. He’s been with the Little Rock store from the moment it opened, and though he may not be an Arkansas native, he’s fallen in love with the community’s peaceful atmosphere and natural beauty. Nick owns a 2010 Ford Raptor that serves as both his daily driver and his weekend off-roader, but his favorite thing isn’t taking on the trails: it’s getting out to the lake with his family.

Assistant Manager Eric Teed: Eric is new to 4 Wheel Parts, but is a veteran of the automotive industry. His pride and joy are his three Jeeps: a 2003 TJ, a 2013 JK Rubicon and a 2014 JKU Oscar Mike, which he uses for daily driving, overlanding in the national forest and rock crawling at HSORV park. “What’s not to love about The Natural State?” he asks. “There are great outdoor activities, beautiful lakes and awesome trail riding.”

Service Manager Terry Temple: Terry has 11 years of experience in the off-roading industry, two of them with 4 Wheel Parts and, like all 4 Wheel Parts technicians, he’s ASE-Certified to install any part on our shelves. Terry’s daily driver is a 2012 Ford F-150 with a 4” lift and a rugged set of Pro Comp tires which help the truck double as his tow rig. He also owns a highly-modified F-250 diesel with an impressive 8” lift and 36” tires that he uses for daily driving, tug-o-wars, sled pulls and drag racing. As intense as his builds are, what Terry most enjoys about Little Rock is the laid-back atmosphere, the welcoming people and the beautiful weather.

Our 4 Wheel Parts Little Rock staff live the Life is Better Off-Road™ motto and they are proud to be a part of such a diverse community.


“Most people don’t realize the diversity of Arkansas, but it has everything from the prairies to the Ozark Mountains, and if you have a four wheel drive vehicle that’s equipped properly there are just so many things that are available to you,” Harness says.

No matter what kind of terrain you’re taking on, if you’re looking for truck parts, Jeep accessories or even ATV plows in Little Rock, Arkansas, 4 Wheel Parts is there for you. Visit us at 5620 Warden Rd. North Little Rock, AR 72116 or give us a call at 501-725-1835.

You can always find your nearest 4 Wheel Parts store online with our store locator.

Rachel Sheelam is a part of the 4 Wheel Parts Team in Los Angeles, CA. You can read more of her writings on Google Plus.

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