Lured by the Convenience of Drive-Thru Car Washes? Don’t be. There’s a More Convenient Option.

August 28th, 2012 by admin

A great guest post from our friends at The SoCal Way.

You’ve worked really hard to buy that fancy ride and even though you finally are driving the Truck or Jeep of your dreams, you’re probably still super busy.  Therefore, when your dream ride gets dirty, it’s understandable that a five minute drive-thru car wash is a tempting option.   After all, we wash cars for a living and barely have time to wash our own, so we can’t blame you for not having the time to wash your car yourself.  However, many people don’t know that there is a car wash option that is even more convenient.  It’s called Mobile Car Washing.

There are probably several mobile car wash companies in your city that will come to your home or work and wash your vehicle by hand.  They will do the outside and inside of your Jeep or truck, clean your wheels and windows, and adhere to any specific requests you may have like removing that piece of gum your son stuck under the glove box.  And the best news about mobile car washing is that the prices are competitive with your local drive-thru car wash.  Plus, though many people are unaware of this fact, drive-thru car washes can be downright dangerous and could potentially damage your vehicle.

While it’s true that the best way to keep your Jeep looking great is to wash and wax it frequently, if the right products aren’t used to do so, you aren’t doing it any good.  Drive-thru car washes rarely advertise the products they are using to wash your car and this is usually because they aren’t using the best or even the right ones.  The soaps they use are often severe and can strip your car of the protective finish that was applied by the manufacturer.  This finish is important to protect your truck’s paint job from the elements and without it, your vehicle will quickly grow to look old and its color will dull.

Additionally, some older, non-“touchless” drive-thru car washes still use brushes with sharp bristles to wash your vehicle, often scratching your vehicle’s paint and wheels.  Avoid these car washes at all costs, even though they are typically the ones that are the most fun for children.  It’s these older car washes that still use rails to propel your vehicle through the wash as well.  When the rails take hold of your car, they can damage your tires, lead to deflation problems, and scratch the expensive aluminum alloy wheels that you paid extra for at the dealership.Why risk taking your Truck or Jeep to a drive-thru car wash?  Sure it’s a fast and easy solution, but you’ll pay for it in the long run.  Besides, now you know that there’s a more convenient way to clean your vehicle.  So the next time your Jeep could use a wash, look-up your local mobile car wash company and give them a call.  They should also happily detail motorcycles, RVs, commercial trucks and vans.

Joe Seals is the proud owner of SoCal Mobile Auto Detail & Mobile Car Wash

In addition he also works for Jimmie Johnson’s Kearney Mesa Chevrolet


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