Off-Roading in Moab Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

May 5th, 2010 by admin

I am a member of the Red Rock 4 Wheel Club in Moab. Each year I help out by assisting on trails as a guide and helping other off road enthusiasts over obstacles they may be unsure of. This year on “Big Saturday” I was a part of the team assisting 38 Jeeps on Moab Rim Trail. It is rated 4 on a scale of 5 – not an easy run, but not the hardest either.

The second obstacle on the trail is the “C” turn and it has two phases. The first part is a 3-step staircase. The second phase has several steps but they’re smaller and easier to climb. For the first phase, you line up your Jeep towards the left on the staircase and ease up over the 3 steps. Sometimes you get a little wheel spin if your tires don’t grip the slick rock. Some shorter wheel base Jeeps have to bump the throttle a bit to get up over the last rock step.

Moab Trail

That is where this one Jeep owner didn’t watch others ahead of him and didn’t listen to the advice I gave him as to how to climb this simple rock. When you use too much power and spin your wheels, you lose traction. When you lose traction, sometimes you also lose your ability to guide your Jeep in the direction you want.

Moab Trail

With tires spinning, the Jeep drifted right and the front end slipped off the top ledge, slamming down on the second step with enough force that the Jeep then flipped over on its top, doing major damage to a very nicely equipped Jeep L J. No one was injured, but a very embarrassed driver had to learn a lesson the hard way.

Moab Trail

Never off road alone! Listen to your trail guide if you are on a sanctioned run. He has been there before. He has the experience on that trail. And remember to “Tread Lightly” and help keep our trails open for all of us.


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