Off-Roading on Foot at Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve

May 14th, 2010 by admin

It’s springtime and the trails are calling me and my JK, but this weekend I tried something different. Instead of navigating my Jeep on a trail somewhere, my wife and I hiked a trail.

Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve

Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve

The Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve west of downtown Lancaster has 8 miles of easy trails that wind up and down sloping hills and valleys. 1800 hundred acres nestled in the Antelope Buttes are carpeted with poppy blooms, our state flower since 1903.

Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve

Because of the extra rainfall this year, flowers like Owls Clover, Lupine, Goldfields, and many other plants are in full bloom. You can actually see the flowers from Hwy 14 about 15 miles away.

No “Trail Rating” but walking the trails, taking pictures, and viewing nature for a couple of hours was a great way to relax with family.


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