Red Dragon Gets a BBK Throttle Body

April 26th, 2010 by admin

Hello friends,
Time for another upgrade! As I mentioned in my first post, the intake system made a world of difference in power, torque, and gas mileage. I was happy with the performance of the truck, but because I am such a speed junkie I wanted more.

I was doing some research on how to get additional off the line power. Keep in mind I really didn’t want to get too crazy with the upgrades either. I just wanted direct easy to bolt-on power, just like the intake system I installed. After researching and asking around, upgrading the throttle body was what I needed to do.

I found myself with two options: Just adding a spacer or actually changing the whole throttle body. I studied both products and decided to go with the throttle body. A spacer was just not gonna do it for me. It’s a great unit but it was not going to help out too much. Throttle body spacers help make the air flow quicker into the motor by having grooves cut into them, so it gives it that tornado effect. Honestly, there really aren’t any noticeable horsepower or torque gains with this part – just fuel mileage.

BBK Throttle Body

What I ended up going with is the BBK throttle body. This unit has a larger bore that allows a lot more airflow into the motor, which is something that helps out any truck. Once I received the unit I was a bit scared because it looked kind of technical, installation-wise. No special tools are needed to put this on at all, which I loved. The instructions were really easy to follow and had pictures that demonstrated how to install the unit. I really didn’t understand some of the lingo that was written in the instructions so I decided to give them a call for some help in understanding what they meant and they broke it down for me. Their customer service was great and very helpful. After hanging up with them it honestly took me less than an hour to do. If you work on trucks often, it might take you less time. Everything fell right into place, just like the gentlemen at BBK said it would.

This was my first time ever messing around with a throttle body on any vehicle. First thing you must do, which is very important, is to disconnect your negative battery terminal. This will help prevent getting shocked and your check engine light from coming on. After that, get ready to get your hands dirty. Like I mentioned, the instructions are very simple to follow and the pictures are 100% accurate. There’s really not much to this install. The new part goes on the same way the old one comes off.

I was really excited to see how much improvement this part was going to make on my truck. When I tried turning the key over, it would not start at all. I started to freak out because I thought I messed something up on the install. I immediately called BBK to ask if there were any issues people ran into after installing the part. The number one problem they were running into was that everyone was forgetting to reconnect the battery terminal. I guess I was just as excited as everyone else, so don’t forget to reconnect your terminal!

Once the problem was resolved it was time to test it out. On my first launch I smoked the tires down my street. You feel the power right away once you open the throttle. This unit and the aFe intake work perfectly together. There is a small whistling sound that you hear from it but it’s nothing to be worried about. It kind of sounds like a turbo when it spools up; it doesn’t bug me at all. It also made my factory exhaust sound a little deeper, which I liked a lot. The torque and power it boosted up on it is insane. I did lose a bit of fuel mileage on it, but only because I got very happy feet with the power.

I am really glad that BBK made this product for the Ford F-150 because it really needed it. With all this air flow going into the motor, it is now time to get an exhaust system on this beast. The stock exhaust sounds good now but I can’t wait to hear with an actual high performance system on it. Going to do some research and let you guys know what I decide to go with.

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