Summer Off-Roading Spots

March 24th, 2010 by admin

Once summer is here, most people put away their OHVs and find something else to do until it cools off, but you don’t have to! There are plenty of great summer riding spots. A few of my favorites are Lake Arrowhead, Hungry Valley, Azusa Canyon, and Pismo Beach.

Lake Arrowhead

• Lake Arrowhead – With several OHV areas in the local San Bernardino Mountains, these trails are available for all skill levels, from the dirt roads to tight, rocky, white knuckle goat trails. The wooded scenery is beautiful, and it’s a great place to camp!

Hungry Valley

• Hungry Valley – Also known as Gorman, it’s located off the Gorman exit on the 5 freeway. Loaded with canyons, sandwashes, single line trails, and hill climbs, Hungry Valley even has a 4×4 park with all sorts of challenging obstacles.

Azusa Canyon

• Azusa Canyon – Off the 210 freeway (hwy 39), this is the closest riding area to Los Angeles. It is a large, winding canyon known for river crossings and huge, deep mud pits.

Pismo Beach

• Pismo Beach – This is my favorite of the bunch, located at Grover Beach off the 101 (about 3 hours north of Los Angeles). It is where the dunes meet the sea. Perhaps the most unique OHV area in existence, there’s camping right on the beach and an open riding area with over 6 miles of coastal dunes. Being only minutes from a quiet beach town, you can ride all day then drive back into town for dinner!

Thanks to these great riding spots, you can keep on off-roading the whole year through.

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