10 Tailgating Truck Accessories You Need This Season

October 21st, 2014 by admin

Football season is in full swing and you and your buddies are planning the ultimate tailgating party for the next home game. You’ve got the dogs, the beer and the jerseys, but you’re forgetting one vital thing: the right tailgating truck accessories.

1. DECKED Truck Bed OrganizerDECKED Truck Bed Organizers Truck Accessories for Tailgating

DECKED, the inventors of this product, designed it with you in mind. Not only is it custom-fit to your truck model, easy to install using pre-existing tie-downs and equipped with full-bed, easy-roll weatherproof drawers, it is also packed with perfect tailgating accessories.

Each of the drawers are engineered to hold up to 200 lbs and, with the addition of a drawer plug set, make spectacular easy-drain ice chests for all your chilled beverages and snacks. The bed is also equipped with ammo cans which, when opened, reveal eight beverage holders. As a final touch, DECKED even added a built-in bottle opener.

2. ARB Fridge + Full Extension Fridge SlideARB Fridge with Full Extension Fridge Slide Truck Accessories for Tailgating

If a full bed organizer installation isn’t what you’re in for right now, ARB has you covered. Not to be confused with a 12-volt cooler, the ARB Portable Fridge/Freezer is capable of maintaining sub-freezing temperatures in 90° F. The 50 qt model only uses .87 amps per hour from a 12-volt power source and the unit comes with two power cords: one for 120 volt AC operation at home and one for 12/24 volt DC operation in your truck.

The full extension slide will ensure you don’t spend all day clambering into, over and around the bed of your truck in search of a cold drink. ARB’s new design extends past the full length of your truck bed, making it especially handy for drop down tailgates.

3. Smittybilt Trail Shades and AwningsSmittybilt Trail Shades and Awnings Truck Accessories for Tailgating

Don’t let the chill in the air fool you: UV rays are harmful all year round and, sunburn aside, one side of the group will always end up squinting into the sun unless you have some shade to work with. The Smittybilt trail shade connects to your truck, Jeep or just about anything else and provides 10 ft of sweet sun protection. The retractable awning connects to your vehicle and has the added benefit of being easy to pull out when you need it and retract back in when you’re done.



4. ARB Sport Camping ChairsARB Sport Camping Chairs Truck Accessories for Tailgating

Cramming into the truck bed is all well and good when there are only two of you to fit in there with the grill and the cooler, but the rest of your friends will need places to plant themselves too. ARB’s sport camping chairs are constructed from durable nylon Oxford Weave material and have a 260 lb rating. Allow everyone to sit in comfort with a few of these at your next tailgating party.



5. Goal Zero Solar Yeti 1250 Solar GeneratorGoal Zero Solar Yeti 1250 Solar Generator Truck Accessories for Tailgating

Just because you’re catching the game live doesn’t mean you have to leave the perks of your living room behind. The Goal Zero Solar Yeti Solar Generator can be charged by solar or electric power and has the strength to continuously power your critical appliances.

Everything from your ARB fridge/freezer to your niece’s cell phone can be charged with clean energy using the generator. It works silently and emits no toxic fumes, so you and your family and friends can relax in safety and comfort before or after the game.

6. ARB Cargo DrawersARB Cargo Drawers Truck Accessories for Tailgating

Keeping your tools separated from your grilling accessories and tailgating equipment can be a hassle when they’re all tossing about in your truck bed. The ARB Cargo Drawers let you keep all of your stuff organized, so you don’t need to push aside a jumbled mess of equipment or clear out your truck bed for every tailgating party.

The ARB drawers can be mounted in a variety of arrangements based on your needs, either side-by-side, vertically or individually to keep your things organized your way. They also offer the flexibility to change your mind and rearrange, add or remove modules as needed.

7. 4WD Trail Wipes4WD Trail Wipes Truck Accessories for Tailgating

These 4WD brand trail wipes are perfect for keeping you clean on the go, designed to fit into your glove box or cup holder. Instead of crumpling handfuls of paper towels or streaking mustard hand prints onto your pants, keep a container of these in your truck for the next time you go tailgating.




8. AO Canvas CoolersAO Canvas Coolers Truck Accessories for Tailgating

The strong, vinyl, leak-proof liner in the AO Canvas Coolers will ensure you never need to worry about melted ice or spilled beverages making a mess of your truck. The soft-sided design and removable shoulder strap make the canvas coolers easier to transport than a hard-sided cooler, saving you the energy of hauling a fully-loaded clunky monstrosity around with you. The coolers come in a variety of sizes and will keep ice cold for a full day in temperatures up to 120°.

9. Pro Comp Flood LightsPro Comp Flood Lights Truck Accessories for Tailgating

Just because the sun has gone down doesn’t mean it’s time to pack up the party. Keep going after the game with a pair of Pro Comp Explorer Series 20 watt flood lights. These durable, easy-to-install lights will give you enough visibility to relax with your friends and talk about the game long after the players have left the field.



10. Goal Zero Solar Rock Out Portable SpeakerGoal Zero Solar Rock Out Portable Speaker Truck Accessories for Tailgating

No party is complete without a beat in the background and your tailgating events are no different. The Goal Zero Solar Rock Out Speaker is a rechargeable speaker which connects to your laptop, phone, Mp3, iPod or other music player to provide the party with hours of high-quality sound. It is also equipped with its own internal battery, so you don’t need to worry about it draining your device’s power.

Rachel Bowes is a copywriter with 4 Wheel Parts

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