Tips: Bestop Supertop Installation

July 5th, 2012 by admin

When you want to feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face, an open top Jeep is just your number. Sure, in good weather everyone with a Jeep wants to go topless. However, when the weather takes a turn for the worse an open top Jeep leaves a lot to be desired. Of course, you can park it until the weather gets better, if you have a second car that is. A better solution is to install a soft top for bad weather situations. Sometimes even in good weather, you sometimes want a little shade from the blazing sun.

The Bestop Supertop is the standard by which all other soft tops are judged. They come with a strong framework and superior canvas. The Supertop system incorporates a patented Belt-Rail attachment system guarantees a taut, trim, draft free fit. Further, on most applications the side and back windows can be zipped out to provide an open air ride while maintaining sun protection. On some models doors are provided or are available separately. Our Jeep Top came with two-piece doors which allow us to run full doors in bad weather and half doors in good weather. They also come in many color options: black crush, charcoal, almond, black denim, dark tan, and spice.


One thing is sure, with its new SuperTop our Jeep is ready for any situation, from summer fun to winter storms


Tools Required:

  • 1/2 drive socket set
  • 3/8 drive socket set
  • Large #3 Phillips screwdriver
  • Drill motor
  • 3/8 dril
  • 3/16 drill
  • Torx driver set


Additional tools we recommend:

  • WD40


1.       The first step in installing the SuperTop was to install the belt rails around the body tub. Many of the mounting holes are already there from the factory, however a few have to be drilled.

2.       The door channel must be mounted to the windshield frame. To do this, clamp it in place and drill the required 3/16 mounting holes.

3.       To ensure proper fit for the top and doors, the windshield must be set so that the distance from the top of the frame to the back of the body is a set distance on both sides. For our CJ5 this distance is 65.6 inches.

4.       The door strikers are mounted behind the door opening and over the side belt rails. These strikers also incorporate a catch for the forward top edge rail that is part of the bow assembly. Then when everything is in place it forms the forward edge for the top side-panels to attach to.

5.       The top bow assembly comes in two pieces, right and left. These halves are assembled and then each side is bolted over the side rails.

6.       The windshield channel is bolted onto the top of the windshield frame. Since our Jeep had already had a bikini top, one had already been installed. The new channel resides in our spares box.

7.       The SuperTop rear window can be rolled up and snapped into holders at the back. It can also be zipped out and remove completely.


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