On Lights, Winches, and Off-Roading: Expert Advice from the Field

April 2nd, 2012 by admin

Here’s a quick blog about the street scene grille from one of our experts in the truck parts and accessories industry.

Street Scene shell and grille

This is the latest update: I recently installed a black Street Scene shell and speed grille. It fits great and went on super easy. The instructions are crystal clear and simple to follow.  This grille makes room for installing a winch and allows way more airflow than the stock one. It also got rid of all that chrome! If you own an F-250, you’re probably familiar with the logo’s clear coat peeling — how  annoying!  I’m also planning to install some black projector lights. Basically I am eliminating anything chrome; how’s that song go, black and yellow, black and yellow? Next time, I want to talk more about winches, too. I am also working on a somewhat secret and unique Ford logo instead of the standard blue oval. That’s for later; let’s talk now about lights!

Preparing for an outdoor experience

After many years of camping and off-roading, I have come to the conclusion that being prepared is key to a great outdoors experience. Especially when off-roading, remember to make sure you have your tools, winch, spare tire, and parts, first aid kit, flashlight, and other essential items. Also, I’ve concluded that you can never have too much light, especially when you’re out in the middle of nowhere.

HID lights for extreme brightness
It’s nice to see where you are going, so I converted the headlights to HID. They are bright — too bright for a lifted truck in the city. After blinding half of Southern California’s residents, I wised up and put some 55-watt halogen lights in the bumper, to act as stock headlights for around-town driving. I didn’t get any thank yous for it, but I also didn’t get any more middle fingers either.  As for off road, the difference is amazing! All those side-by-side, before-and-after pictures don’t do it justice! But after a few trips, I became used to the extra light and wanted more.

That’s when I got my hands on a couple of Pro Comp LED light bars which produce ridiculous amounts of light. The 30” and 46” LED bars completely lit up everything close to midrange, but like every addict, I wanted more. To complete this circus act, I wired four 9” HIDs to the roof rack. The Ford said let there be light, and there was light, and everybody saw that it was good. In conclusion, be sure to research the huge variety of sizes, styles, and brands of quality lights, winches, and other truck accessories out there to fit your preference and budget.



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