Winching with a Smittybilt XRC12

May 19th, 2010 by admin

I used to believe that if you needed a winch, you were doing something wrong. I mean, how on earth do you get yourself stuck so badly that a friend with a 4×4 can’t pull you out? My question was answered when I broke the front driveshaft on my F-250, and then got it stuck towing a trailer in soft sand. Even with two 4×4 trucks, I wasn’t going anywhere.

Smittybilt XRC12 Winch

Thankfully, I am one of the few Super Duty owners with a winch installed. The Smittybilt XRC-12 has a 12,000lb rating and a very fast line speed. Being a desert guy, I had never actually used a winch before, but it was very straightforward: flip the engagement switch to free spool, drag out the cable, hook it to my friend’s truck, plug-in the remote, and we were ready for recovery.

I recommend having someone stand outside of the vehicle (and out of the way) to operate the winch while you drive. I have seen people who both drive and operate the winch, but this was my first time (and I’m not much of a multi-tasker anyway). So with a steady throttle and a few tugs of the winch, the truck was out of the sand and back in business. Considering the winch costs less than your average recovery and tow, I would recommend everyone who ventures off road to have one.


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