Winter Off-Roading in So Cal – Two of My Favorite Spots

March 11th, 2010 by admin

Southern California isn’t exactly known for its cold, harsh winters, but many popular OHV areas close for the winter because of low temperatures and snow. So where’s a guy (or girl) to go?

Believe it or not, wintertime is considered the best time of year to get out in the dirt! Most of the sand dune areas are located in deserts, which are far too hot to visit in the summer. Two of my favorite winter dune spots are Glamis and Dumont Dunes. Just about everyone has heard of Glamis, located 30 miles east of Brawley off of Highway 78. It’s the largest dune area in California, and second largest in the country. Endless dunes and “sand highways” await anyone with the courage to brave the dunes. Also known for its night life, the BLM estimates crowds of over 200,000 people gather on holiday weekends.

Dumont Dunes is located 35 miles northwest of Baker and has some of the largest dunes in America. Though much smaller in area than Glamis, the variety of riding and trails available is much greater. Besides the dunes, there is plenty of open desert riding and even some very steep, rocky, challenging hill climbs.

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