Winter Off-Roading in So Cal

March 18th, 2010 by admin

So it’s wintertime and many popular OHV areas are snowed in or closed. Don’t be discouraged – some of the best spots are only accessible in the winter! Places such as Jawbone Canyon, Death Valley, El Mirage, Johnson Valley, Ocotillo Wells, and Stoddard Valley are all located in desert climates, which are far too hot in the summer months.

Jawbone Canyon

• Jawbone Canyon – Located 20 miles north of the city of Mojave off of the 14, this is one of my favorite spots. Endless sandwashes and trails lead to hill climbs, goat trails, rock gardens, and just about every other desert condition possible.

• Death Valley – This is another unique location, with many historical points of interest to visit. The off roading is decent with mainly flat, dusty roads that lead to another destination.
• El Mirage – Visit this dry lakebed where (on certain weekends) you can catch some high speed competitions on the salt flats.

Johnson Valley

• Johnson Valley – Located off the 247 between Apple Valley and Yucca Valley, Johnson Valley is famous for its open high speed terrain, which is very similar to what you would find in Baja California. Many professional race teams practice there.

• Stoddard Valley – Off of the 15 freeway just south of Barstow, it’s another open desert area with an interesting little ranch about 15 miles from the staging area called the Slash X Ranch, and the chili fries along are worth the trek.

Finding these winter-only spots is easy; the hard part is finding the time to see them all!

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