Working a Desk Job at 4 Wheel Parts

April 30th, 2010 by admin

Generally speaking, I like my job. I like what I do and where I work. However, living in Southern California’s beautiful climate has its down side. It’s almost always nice outside, which means that as you trudge through the door and glance over your shoulder at bright blue sunny skies, starting your workday is just that much harder.

The office is a little like Las Vegas. There is a timeless, constant bustling of people and buzzing activity under fluorescent lights. Being such an active person, having a desk job took some getting used to. I am restless sitting for eight hours a day.

Today, however, I am grateful for my desk job. Some friends and I went to Glamis last weekend, and I was feeling brave and overshot a 4th gear kicker on the KTM, fracturing my ankle and tibia. At least I stuck the landing. Oh well, it’s nothing that six weeks won’t cure, but to all of you who complain about your desk job, just remember it could be worse!

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