Efficiency Tops the List for 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

October 1st, 2013 by admin


Among the advancements to Chrysler’s 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee is an eight-speed automatic transmission designed to improve driveabilty and increase fuel efficiency across all engine options. The engine will maintain its power band while adding a wider selection of available gears, improving the Grand Cherokee’s 4×4 capability and fuel efficiency. The 2014 Grand Cherokee’s eight-speed transmission makes for quicker acceleration and better mileage, separating it from the over-saturated SUV market.

“Jeep has proudly separated Grand Cherokee even further from its competitors by enhancing its efficiency, unique elegance, capability and technological features,” says Mike Manley, President and CEO — Jeep Brand, Chrysler Group LLC. The Jeep Grand Cherokee featured a standard five-speed manual transmission when it debuted in 1992. Since then, engineers have been adding and splitting gears in an effort to squeeze more efficiency out of transmissions.

“The eight-speed gearbox allows the engine to operate at its optimum RPM range and improves efficiency,” says Scott Brown, Chrysler Western Region Communications Manager. “The transmission efficiency and wide ratio spread operate at a lower engine rpm in both city and highway environments to deliver optimum fuel economy.”

The trend in the Cherokee Grand has swerved toward more luxury and premium accessories, but the Jeep still has touted off-road capabilities. “The eight-speed gearbox basically keeps the torque and power where it needs to be so the vehicle is not lurching forward,” says Brown. “Lurching is not something you want when you’re wheeling, so it’s phenomenal for off-road driving.”


Another big fuel efficiency measure in the 2014 Grand Cherokee is the clean-diesel engine option available. Giving an estimated best-in-class 30 mpg, the EcoDiesel V-6 engine also has a towing capability of 7,400 pounds. The 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee is available in Laredo, Limited, Overland and Summit models.

The Cherokee name first surfaced on Jeeps in the mid-70s and the downsized 1984 model designed and manufactured by American Motors Corporation made the brand name famous. In its first year alone, the Cherokee nearly doubled Jeep sales. Its unique unibody construction was used in the more luxurious Grand Cherokee and was instrumental in sparking the surge of SUVs.

David Beran is a Copywriter at 4WD.

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