Joe Rogan Podcast With Auto Enthusiast Goes Off-Roading

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Former host of NBC’s Fear Factor and UFC commentator Joe Rogan has an abiding love for motorsports and one of his recent Joe Rogan Experience podcasts reflects this. British Automotive writer Chris Harris was his guest on December 18, 2014 and the two traded stories, shared opinions and explored their passion for horsepower. On a previous episode, Rogan took time out to chat with legendary off-road racer Rob MacCachren and Bud Brutsman, creator of TLC’s auto shows Overhaulin‘ and Rides. During the conversation, Rogan and Harris touch on topics close to off-roaders’ hearts including 4×4 capability and Land Rovers/Land Cruisers.


Start Your Engines

Rogan begins the conversation with Harris by telling him that he’s one of his favorite automotive writers along with Jeremy Clarkson and Matt Farah. “I have a sort of medical condition with cars – it’s a problem,” laughs Harris. He’s supplied free cars to test drive on weekends, but because he’s an autoholic Harris still has a problem buying cars.

About 25 minutes into the program, they get down to the business of geeking out about cars. Harris talks about GT Series Porches from 1999 onward and how the faded glory of older cars often offers more interest for him. He marvels about Top Gear having the largest global TV viewing audience in the world and confesses when he does segments for his YouTube Drive Channel he tries not to copy Top Gear because the bar is too high.

A Day With Jay Leno

Harris reminisces about the day he spent with former host of The Tonight Show Jay Leno with all of his cars. “He’s got some amazing stuff,” Harris enthuses. Rogan talks about how different it is to see Leno with his cars because he’s so genuinely enthusiastic about his real passion.









Harris says that Leno is the most convincing car enthusiast he’s ever met and Leno especially celebrates the engineering on vehicles. Rogan says he loves Jay Leno’s Garage on YouTube – a show with everything from the Blastolene Special to Rockstar rims and thinks that if Leno had a show just about cars it would be wildly popular.

Off-Road Capabilities

At an hour and 19 minutes into the episode, Rogan brings up the topic of people buying vehicles with massive off-road capabilities. Harris points out that the abilities of these vehicles outstrip what most drivers need, but people like to know that they can do it. Rogan talks about the V8 Lexus probably being the most popular vehicle that people buy, but rarely use for off-roading.


“There’s a saying in Africa that you use a Land Rover to get into the desert and use a Land Cruiser to come out,” says Harris. He discloses that in the Afghanistan war they were driving Toyota Land Cruisers around the desert. Other topics they discuss include electric cars vs. internal combustion engines, the horsepower race, the need for speed and YouTube’s automotive videos.

David Beran is a devout Joe Rogan listener and Copywriter at 4 Wheel Parts

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