Stick Shift Transmission and the Benefits

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In drivers’ search for improved gas mileage and more value, they should not overlook the benefits of a stick shift transmission. Through extensive research, automotive technologists and experts have found that a stick shift can improve gas mileage by a notable two to five miles per gallon compared to an automatic transmission. Additionally, opting for a stick shift can cut a car’s price by $800 to $1,200.

Stick shifts also improve the vehicle’s speed, sometimes enormously. That is an asset of having a smaller engine. And many drivers find driving with a stick “sexier” and fun, although that can depend on the car.

Manufacturers’ Transmission Evaluations Paired with Drivers’ Versatility

Manufacturers have bought several manual transmission equipped vehicles of different types over the years. They ran them through strenuous fuel economy and acceleration tests. Then they were compared with similar automatic-equipped versions that had been previously tested.

Knowledge of how to drive a stick can be a great advantage. People with this expertise could randomly find themselves the designated driver within a stick shift automobile of their drunken friend or relative. Perhaps they will need to borrow a relative or friend’s vehicle and it can only be operated through manual transmission. If they are travelling and need to rent transportation outside of the United States, stick shift automobiles are much more common. Automatics are not always available. Those that are provided come at a much higher rental price.

Knowing how to drive a stick shift vehicle is valuable in the case of an emergency. Motorists with stick skills are renaissance automobile operators. A driver who knows how to drive a stick shift vehicle can also easily drive an automatic, but the reverse is not always true. As in many walks of life, versatility can enhance a person’s value and his/her ability to survive.

Economics and Other Advantages

Stick shift automobiles are generally less expensive than automatics. Given that few people know how to drive a manual transmission vehicle, the demand for them is low. So is the frustration of the customer looking for a certain model of car with a stick shift and it is not offered. However, the favorable aspect is that stick shift vehicles are often priced lower than their automatic counterparts. The low demand for them can provide the consumer negotiating leverage when buying used vehicles. They tend to sit on the lot longer, so drivers should tell the salesman they would be more than happy to take that stick shift vehicle off the lot if they will lower the price.

Overcoming the Obstacles to Reap the Benefits

Of course, there are challenges to choosing a stick shift automobile. Stick shifts are available in only a few models, which minimizes drivers’ choices. They are usually found in small cars and sports cars.

Stick shifts require more skill and expertise to drive. For instance, an automobile with a stick shift is harder to get under way when stuck on a steep hill. Traffic jams require a lot of shifting and working the clutch pedal. And, since relatively few consumers are opting for stick shifts, the car could be harder to sell later.

A stick shift can deliver better miles per gallon and speed. However, there can be contrasts in how the clutch and shifter feel and operate, so drivers should test drive before they make the purchase. For example, the stick shift Focus reduces motor sounds by lowering motor revs. On the other hand, the manual transmissions in the xD and the Forester have amplified, dynamic shifters, making the driving experience less engaging. Technological research also found that the Scion’s skewed driving position is complicated by having to utilize a clutch pedal.

Industry leaders are fully aware of the benefits manual transmission can provide for their customers. At various locations, accessories and parts that help with the maintenance, performance, and style of the vehicle’s interior and exterior are available to be bought. Knowledgeable, cooperative customer service representatives are at various automotive store locations to assist customers in finding the best products for their vehicles. Automobile owners should feel free to visit these stores at any time.

Joseph Wright is a copywriter for Transamerican Auto Parts in Compton, CA. He has been a professional journalist for over 20 years. He lives in Los Angeles.

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