A Christmas Miss(ive) From Two Grateful Deer

December 17th, 2014 by admin


Dear Pro Comp,

Around this time of year we’re very busy aiding in the effort to get presents to boys and girls across the world. When people see us flying through the air and executing perfect landings on rooftops they don’t appreciate the fact that we can run over 30 miles per hour.

Sometimes we need to.

This was the case on Saturday, December 6. We were a long way from our home in the North Pole conducting practice drills in Wyoming for the upcoming holiday delivery season. Being unfamiliar with the Wyoming terrain, we were taking advantage of the full moon out that night.

At approximately 9:30 p.m. we were crossing the road on a remote stretch of IH 80. The headlights of a Toyota Tundra suddenly appeared and it was one of those times when we needed to turn tail and run.

But we froze.

The truck raced toward us at breakneck speed and we braced for the worst. At the last second, it swerved to avoid us then turned back on course. We were left with shaking hooves and grateful antlers – it was truly a Christmas miracle.

As that Tundra bore down on us and our lives flashed before our eyes, we recall spotting a Six-Inch Stage II Lift Kit on the truck. That Six-Inch Lift Kit is the same one that passed the highly specialized FMVSS (126) test with flying colors back in April.

This is a snout out and a thank you to Pro Comp, because without that kit I’m sure we would have been road kill. We would also like to thank John Mawk for being alert and aware at the wheel. Santa helped us track down the Tundra driver (he has sophisticated people tracking systems and really can see you when you’re sleeping).

Merry Christmas to All!

Two Grateful Deer



Email Pro Comp Received from John Mawk

To whom it may concern,

I am writing today to thank all of the folks at Pro Comp.  I am a long time 4 Wheel Parts employee and waited patiently for 10+ years since my last lifted truck.  I bought a 2014 Tundra and decided to put a Stage 2 Six inch kit with Pro Runner upper arms and Pro Runner rear shocks out back.  I can say I have thoroughly enjoyed driving my vehicle and I am getting exceptional tire wear after 10,000 miles of driving it after doing the kit.  Overall, it’s the best vehicle I have ever owned.

So what am I writing for?  I am writing to say thank you to everyone from the design team, to manufacturing, to packaging, EVERYONE at Pro Comp.  Why am I thankful?  I am thankful because last night while driving a remote stretch of IH80 in Wyoming, very suddenly out of the darkness appeared 2 deer.  I was at a high rate of speed and had to swerve to avoid striking the animals, and then swerve back on course.  All this happened in a matter of a couple seconds.  The truck handled exceptionally well through my extreme maneuver.  (Note: I would never ever attempt such a maneuver at freeway speeds ever except to avoid a collision).

I can say with sincere confidence that my truck just passed the best stability test ever, my own.  Had my Tundra been lifted with another brand of product, I cannot say that I wouldn’t have had a serious accident last night.  Thanks Pro Comp for building the very best product on the market.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and all my best to the entire team there,

John Mawk, 4 Wheel Parts Regional Service Manager Western US/Canada




David Beran is a Copywriter at 4 Wheel Parts

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