aFe Cold Air Intake for 2010 Ford Raptor

November 9th, 2010 by admin

afe cold air intakeWe are excited to showcase the new 2010 Ford Raptor aFe Cold Air Intake. The Ford Raptor is a truck with limited production, but it’s not ignored by aFe for the performance enthusiast! aFe managed to produce an additional 18hp and 22ft-lbs of torque on this muscle of a truck. We noticed a hefty difference over the stock design with quicker throttle response and more horsepower. Anyone who owns a Raptor needs to consider this kit!

Since many of these trucks will find their way to a nice dirt road or muddy trail, we wanted to offer the Raptor owner the premium filtration protection available by aFe. Included in the Raptor kit is the aFe ProGuard 7 – a 7-layer washable, reusable filter for maximum filtration in harsh conditions. When you need to clean your ProGuard 7 filter and are rushed for time, use the Pro DRY S filter (also included). aFe Pro DRY S filters offer protection for a daily driver without the hassle of re-oiling.

The kit took about an hour to install and went on just as the instructions called out. The kit uses the wrinkle black aluminum tube design to complement the looks when the hood is up. Between the proven horsepower and torque gains, the provision of 2 filters for different driving conditions, and the immediate availability, anyone who owns a Raptor should look at the aFe 75-11902-OV for added fun to an already impressive truck! Visit and enter “Search by Part Number” to get more information.

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