K & N Air Intake Systems Review

May 3rd, 2011 by admin

K & N air intake kits are popular, and for good reason. Since 1992, the company’s engineers have dedicated themselves to delivering on the promise of improved horsepower. K & N is so focused on this goal that the company guarantees its air intake systems will increase your vehicle’s horsepower and torque.

This guarantee is made possible by the way K&N manages its product development. Using in-house dynamometers, K&N air intake engineers establish baseline horsepower levels for a particular vehicle. Then, they create ways to increase that horsepower via efficiencies in the air intake system. The goal is to achieve the largest possible power gain without triggering engine error codes. If they can’t increase the horsepower, they won’t produce that application.

K&N’s quoted performance gains are averages based on multiple tests and vehicles. Because two of the same vehicle can respond differently, it would be misleading to use only the best test results. This is why K&N quotes averages. So you can be confident all of K&N’s data are reliable, and supported by thorough testing and conservative reporting.

High-flow technology and air intake tubes

K&N High-Flow Air Filters are effective enough to produce power gains on their own, even when they’re used with the stock air box. These filters have significantly more surface area than a stock filter, which means more airflow and more power. Also, because the K&N filter is so large, it can capture more dirt between cleanings. A K & N air filter can withstand up to 100,000 miles of driving before it needs to be cleaned.

K&N air intake systems build on the effectiveness of the filter by adjusting for other air restrictions in your vehicle. The intake systems remove the original air box and open up the tubes between the air box and the engine. These high-flow intake tubes are made of either molded, high-density polyethylene or polished, powdercoated, or anodized aluminum. The polyethylene tubes tend to produce bigger horsepower gains, but the aluminum tubes have a more finished look.

About fuel economy

Higher air flow supports fuel efficiency, but your results will depend on the vehicle and what other modifications you have made. K&N reports that many customers do achieve improved fuel economy after installing a K&N air intake system.

Easy, bolt-on installation

You can install your K & N air intake system with a few basic tools, in less than a couple of hours. The systems use factory holes and mounting locations, so there’s usually no cutting or drilling required. You should only need pliers, ratchets, and a screwdriver.

Million-mile limited warranty

It’s one thing for a manufacturer to say its products are extremely durable, but it’s another to back up that claim. K&N stands behind its air filters and intake systems with a one million mile, limited warranty. No other manufacturer offers that kind of warranty.

You should also know that K & N air intake kits will not void your vehicle’s warranty. Should you have any problems with a dealership or technician telling you otherwise, K&N will help you resolve it.

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