Projector-Style Light for Dodge Rams

December 14th, 2010 by admin

recon lightsYou can completely change the look of a truck with just headlights. Go Recon has been our go-to light company for headlights, taillights, LED bulbs, and more. They have released a projector-style light for the 09-newer Dodge Rams. This style of light features Angel Eyes (LED rings around the high/low beam bulbs), which comes standard on all newer high end cars, such a BMW. The low beam has the projector lens, which allows me to install HID bulbs (High Intensity Discharge), which is a standard feature on high end cars.

With the extra light these bulbs create, using the stock headlight will blind anyone driving in front of or toward you. The projector lens focuses the light on the highway without blinding others. The other feature of this light is the black headlight housings, which add that extra wow factor. Also, they have installed LED lights along the edge to give the truck an aggressive look when lit. These are an awesome upgrade for any project and they do a great job of lighting up the highway!

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