The Bushranger Inflatable X-Jack

November 12th, 2014 by admin

Off-roaders understand that sometimes you just get stuck and most of those times, it’s in a place where there isn’t much solid ground to be had or you’re in too deep to get a jack under your frame. This means getting unstuck often requires a large base to plunk your jack down upon, a lot of shoveling and more patience than any one person can be expected to have. The ARB Bushranger Inflatable X-Jack, named best forward drive accessory in SEMA 2013, is changing that.


How Does it Work?

The Bushranger Inflatable X-Jack is an inflatable air jack with a tough triple-layer reinforced design which allows it to lift up to 4,400 pounds up to 31-inches. The X-Jack attaches to your vehicle’s exhaust pipe or a portable air compressor, which is how it is inflated. The compressor option allows for greater control of inflation and makes it so you can operate the jack from a safe distance if the vehicle is not stable. As the jack inflates, it pushes up on your frame and lifts your 4×4 from the ground.

Once it’s lifted, you can fill in the hole, add some traction beneath your tires – the Bushranger Sand Tracks work perfectly – and ease yourself out. The X-Jack also works well to get you off any obstacles you may be “hung up” on, lifting your vehicle enough for you to add something stable and solid beneath your tires and get enough traction to get yourself down. To see this in action, check out this video of a customer using their X-Jack to recover their Toyota FJ.

What is it Good For?

Unlike a traditional jack, the X-Jack distributes the weight of your vehicle across a wide base. This means it is perfect for situations where the ground is soft – like slushy snow, mud or sand. It is also extremely versatile, allowing you to jack your vehicle up from a wide range of points. It only requires 5-10 psi to get your tires in the air, so there’s no concern of crushing, bending or denting parts and the kit comes with a tough mat to protect the jack from any sharp edges.

Perhaps one the greatest features of the inflatable jack is its ability to fit into extremely tight spaces. While a standard jack requires a high clearance to get underneath your vehicle, a deflated X-Jack can be comfortably wedged in with less than an inch to spare between your frame and the ground.

There is no maintenance required for the X-Jack, they are much more stable than a Hi-Lift, they don’t require the clearance of a standard jack and, according to one of our in-house experts, they make exceptionally comfortable camping chairs.

Finally, because the X-Jack folds down flat for easy storage, it takes up very little room in your trunk or truck bed. This leaves space for a standard, alternative back up jack. While the X-Jack is an excellent, durable off-road companion, it’s always best to be prepared for whatever Murphy’s Law throws your way.


– 4,400 lb capacity

– Up to 31” of vehicle lift

– Unique triple-layer reinforced material

– Collapses flat to make storing easy

– High-temperature hose to withstand exhaust temps over 284° F

* Do not attempt to use the X-Jack for vehicle maintenance – while it is a great recovery tool, it is not designed to hold up your truck, Jeep or SUV while you work underneath it in the driveway.

** Vehicle exhaust is toxic when inhaled in high concentrations, so utilize a level of caution when inflating the X-Jack with exhaust fumes.

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