Tis the Season to Winterize Trucks and Jeeps

January 7th, 2014 by David Beran

Visions of sugarplums may still be dancing in your head, but you don’t want a vision of your Jeep sliding across a sheet of ice or your truck’s bed dwarfed by snow. Winterizing a truck or Jeep is a regional as well as annual past time. In heavy snowfall climates, tires, snow chains, tonneau covers, and shovels are critical to get you through the winter months. In a rainy, muddy climate, traction pads, floor mats, and wet weather tires make life easier for your rig.

Whether you’re doing a lot of off-roading in the winter months or just braving potholes on main roads, your truck or Jeep should be prepared. Here are some things you can do to combat the cold and elements so you can enjoy seasonal activities with confidence.



For Trucks

Tires are the cornerstone of winterizing your truck and high performance all-terrain ones can tackle the snow, ice, and mud that come with the season. To avoid getting stuck in heavy snow conditions, snow chains fit a variety of truck tire sizes and are easily mounted and removed. Other traction aids like all element ramps are designed to perform well in snow and a shovel and a good pair of gloves can save your bacon in a tough spot.

A reliable tonneau cover protects your truck’s bed from snow and elements, and you can choose from styles including hard or soft roll-up, retractable, and hard or soft folding. Brands like Extang, TruXedo, and BAK give you plenty of options when you want to protect your cargo from winter rain, snow and sleet. Recovery in the snow and ice can come down to having a dependable winch with the heft to bail you out of nasty weather conditions.

Little things can make a big difference to your truck during winter months. New floor mats with an all-weather design are a quick upgrade that prepares your truck for snow and slush. Mats fit multiple truck models and the thermoplastic elastomer feature is great to improve low temperature performance. Cold wreaks havoc on batteries and lead acid batteries with water content run the risk of the water freezing. Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are built differently than the traditional flooded battery and offer viable alternatives in winter.


For Jeeps

 Winterizing your Jeep is essentially the same as a truck. All-terrain tires, snow chains, and traction aids are vital for Jeeps in snowy conditions whether you’re on the street or off-road bound.

Winter means cold and wet and a hard top can give you a climate shield from snow and rain. Hard tops fit a variety of Jeep models and features that make the cold months tolerable include a rear wiper/washer and defroster. After you’ve shed your soft top for the warm months a soft top window storage bag is the perfect protector for side windows and framed soft upper doors. These bags come in either two or four door models and felt separations safeguard your Jeep windows from getting scratched.

A recovery kit is another great accessory for your Jeep in the cold months. Kits can feature a recovery chain, D-ring and snatch block, heavy-duty gloves, and a winch accessory kit. Tow straps are also often included to help your Jeep snatch a snowed in vehicle and pull it out.


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