Valentine’s Day: It’s the Thought (and the Part Number) That Counts

February 4th, 2014 by admin


One of the challenges of owning a 4×4 is dividing your time between your beloved rig and your beloved. That ever-present challenge can flare up into an issue around Valentine’s Day.  Now all that attention you’ve devoted to your vehicle needs to be shifted to your wife or girlfriend.  When it’s time to pick out a special gift for your significant other, you don’t want to end up mis-shifting and grinding your gears

The good news is there are Valentine’s Day gifts you can get for her that will benefit your truck, Jeep, or SUV too. If presented properly, she’ll believe you had her best interests in mind when you give her the gift. Here are five off-road parts and accessories that will make great Valentine’s Day gifts and leave everyone happy.

#1 Handles and SidestepsSidesteps and handles are must haves for her, especially when you’re sporting those large tires and lift kit. Getting safely into your truck or Jeep will be a breeze for your significant other with these handy accessories.

#2 Solar-Powered Gear – Tell her she’s the sunshine of your life, but that other sun has some good points, too. When she needs power to run her blow dryer or charge up her curling iron, solar panels and chargers are great and environmentally-friendly.

#3 Tonneau Cover – You want her to have peace of mind and know that the valuables stored in your truck bed are safe from prying eyes and the elements. When her gear is in back, nothing’s too good for her and a tonneau cover saves the day.

#4 Shock Absorbers – Whether you’re on the highway or an off-road trail, you want to make your ride is smooth just for her. A new set of shocks goes a long way toward keeping things stable so she can relax and enjoy the drive.

#5 Seat Covers – Style is important when it comes to interior accessories. Those new seat covers are great lookers (although they’re no match for her in that outfit).

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