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How to Become a 4 Wheel Parts Blog Author

4 Wheel Parts Blog is designed to provide our customers with relevant and useful information, inspiration, and ideas for their trucks, Jeeps and SUVs. We would love to have guest bloggers contribute content that will provide tips, tricks or ideas for vehicle upgrades, fixes or off-road adventures. To provide our readers with even more good stories and useful insights we can use your help!

If you are interested in being a guest blogger, please provide your name, email and article below. For an article to be published it must be at least 200 words and have useful and insightful information that would be interesting to other readers.

Some topic ideas:

  1. 1. Off-Roading Adventures – write about your off-roading trips, stories that would be fun/interesting for our readers, with pictures!
  2. 2. Dream truck – if you could build/customize your dream truck what would it be? And what would you add/upgrade?
  3. 3. Event Feedback (Truckfest, SEMA)
  4. 4. Installation tips/instructions
  5. 5. Seasonal Guides (ie. winter/spring/summer/fall offroading tips)
  6. 6. Upgrading (ie. lift kits) on a budget/ Do-it-yourself projects
  7. 7. Manufacturer/product-specific updates (ie. how a K&N intake boosted Albert’s Chevy Silverado)
  8. 8. Pros & Cons regarding certain upgrades/modifications
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