BD Crank Case Filter Kit

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    Greg Installs a BD Crank Case Vent Filter Kit

    August 19th, 2011 by admin

    The other day, I was cruising down the freeway and needed to pass a slow-moving vehicle. As I accelerated, there was suddenly a huge boom under the hood, followed the roar of pressurized air and an immediate loss of power. Though startling, it wasn’t a surprise. I knew right away that an intercooler hose had blown off. It’s common on the 6.0s, because the oil vapor in the system condenses on the boost tubes, which lubricates them into slipping off. After a few minutes of monkeying around under the hood, I managed to wrestle the tube back on to the intercooler. On the side of the road, covered in grease, I was reminded how much these trivial kinds of things really bug me.
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