A Buyer’s Guide to BAK Tonneau Covers

September 11th, 2009 by admin

bak-retractable-tcIn order to help you figure out which tonneau cover is right for you, we’re doing a series of blog posts featuring different top-name brands of tonneau covers and some of their best-selling products. Today, we’re kicking it off with one of the biggest in the biz: BAK tonneau covers.

RollBak Tonneau Cover – According to BAK, this is actually the strongest retractable tonneau cover on the market. And when you learn that the panels are made of heavy-gauge aluminum, you can see why it has that reputation. Plus, because the aluminum has a black powder-coating, it is extremely resistant to damage and discoloration, especially in comparison to its vinyl counterparts. And with all this strength, it’s still incredibly lightweight, making it easy to open or close it and change up your cargo. In fact, if you need to transport oversized cargo, the tonneau cover will retract all the way into its nearly indestructible canister, which is only about 10 inches deep, leaving you almost all of the truck bed space for your load.

BakFlip Tonneau Cover – The feature that sets BakFlip tonneau covers apart from the rest is their ability to give you full access to your truck bed. All you have to do is fold the tonneau cover up all the way and rest it against the cab of your truck, and you have your entire truck bed to fill as you see fit. This is especially beneficial if you are often transporting larger objects like motorcycles, a 5th wheel,  or even quads because you don’t have to go through the hassle of removing the tonneau cover; just fold it up and you’re ready to go. Plus, when the tonneau cover is completely closed, it’s flush with the actual truck bed so that you have the least wind resistance possible.

You can learn more about these and all of the other BAK tonneau covers at www.4WheelParts.com.

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