Reasons to Buy a Tonneau Cover

August 28th, 2009 by admin

tonneau-covers-save-fuelThis is a question that most truck owners have probably asked themselves. On a surface level, tonneau covers are not a necessary component for making your truck run. But the customized benefits that come with a tonneau cover are extraordinary.

And with the huge selection of tonneau covers available, you’re sure to find the kind that is just right for you. If you want something to create less wind resistance and enhanced style, maybe a soft tonneau cover is up your alley. Or, for an incredibly sleek, low-profile look, consider retractable tonneau covers. Hinged tonneau covers provide the option for molded-over edges, and you can even get some of them custom painted. Or, in between these options lies folding tonneau covers, which bridge the gap between the soft and hinged models.

No matter which type you choose, all tonneau covers are going to provide the following basic benefits.


Odds are that the main reason you bought a truck is because of all the extra storage space in the truck bed. Whether you’re hauling groceries, camping equipment, or even larger items like jet skis, you rely on that extra space. But if you’re dealing with those smaller items like groceries, the wind can be a concern. You don’t want to purchase a week’s worth of food just to have it fly out on the way home. When you shut a tonneau cover over your cargo, it guarantees that your cargo will make it through the ride safe and sound.

Weather Protection

Whether you’re camping, off-roading, or just driving around town, the weather can always take an unexpected turn for the worse.  A sudden cloud burst can be detrimental to unprotected cargo in your truck bed. In fact, for some items, rain and snow damage can be irreversible. But you don’t have to subject to the whims of Mother Nature. Many tonneau covers are equipped with weather seals and draining tubes to make sure any water stays out of the truck bed, where it belongs. And if you choose a hard tonneau cover, they can generally hold up to 200 pounds of snow. With the right tonneau cover, you won’t have to worry about weather damage to your cargo again.


As much as you love the extra storage space in your truck bed, one of the negatives is that it’s out in the open where anyone has access to it. It’s incredibly easy for anyone on the streets to just walk by and pluck something out. By simply hiding those items behind a tonneau cover, you’ve decreased the change of theft immensely. First of all, if they don’t know there’s something to be stolen, they’re probably not going to go looking for it. And even if they were after something specific, having some kind of barrier deters most people from even trying to steal because it’s too much hassle. Plus, many tonneau covers come equipped with hidden locks that won’t let the cover open unless the tailgate is unlocked. So by installing a tonneau cover, you’re taking proactive steps to deter theft.

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  1. Wow there really are great reasons as to why to purchase a tonneau cover. I love 4 wheel parts and i absolutely think that this blog is great!

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