Choosing the Right Style of Tonneau Cover

October 5th, 2009 by admin

extang- blackmax-tonneau-coverDeciding you want a tonneau cover is actually pretty easy; deciding which type of tonneau cover to install is the really difficult part. It’s one of those cases where having such a huge selection makes it that much harder to choose. So to help you decide, we’re breaking down the different types of tonneau covers into their basic functions so you can figure out which type fits into your lifestyle.

Roll-Up Tonneau Covers

  • The softest option available
  • For the most part, the most affordable type of tonneau cover
  • Allows for both full and partial access, as you decide how far you want to roll up the tonneau cover. So if you need to get out the cargo, you don’t need to open it up fully or remove it completely.
  • Lowest weight capacity
  • Ideal for temperate environments where you don’t have to deal with heavy loads of snow

Folding Tonneau Covers

  • Some call this the best of both worlds, as it allows the flexibility of a roll-up and the sturdiness of a hard tonneau cover.
  • Higher weight capacity than roll-up tonneau covers
  • Folds up in 3 or 4 sections, allowing full or partial access to your truck bed
  • Still not the best option for the harshest weather environments
  • A little pricier than roll-up tonneaus

Hinged Tonneau Covers

  • Constructed as one solid piece, so it has one of the highest weight load capacities. If you expect snow, this is the tonneau cover that is built to handle it.
  • Very heavy-duty
  • But also more expensive
  • Less access to the full area of the truck bed, as the tonneau cover stays hinged to one end of the truck bed.
  • Have to remove the tonneau cover in order to carry oversized items

Retractable Tonneau Covers

  • Has a weight capacity that rivals hinged tonneau covers
  • One of the easiest tonneau covers to operate. Some of them of them are even remote controlled, so all you have to do is press a button to open/close.
  • Glides into a variety of locking positions, allowing full or partial access
  • The most expensive tonneau cover on the market

Now that we’ve shown you the pros/cons of each type of tonneau cover, hopefully you’ll be able to figure out which one is the perfect fit for you. For even more information on tonneau covers, as well as a great selection, check out

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