How a Tonneau Cover Can Benefit You

August 17th, 2009 by admin

When you’re looking to make upgrades to your truck, one of the first investments you’ll want to make is installing a tonneau cover. These truck parts provide all kinds of benefits, including but not limited to:

Up to 10% Savings on Gas

It sounds pretty strange – how does a tonneau cover affect how much gas you use? Simple: it decreases the amount of wind resistance against your truck. Leaving the truck bed open creates a big box of space for wind to gather and push against the truck, forcing you to use more gas to compensate. Tonneau covers provide a smooth, even surface to eliminate that drag. So eventually, with the money you’re saving on gas, tonneau covers pay for themselves.

Aesthetic Appeal

At a more basic level, tonneau covers make your truck look great. These days, you can find a tonneau cover that will match the exact color and style of your truck. You can even find places that offer custom paint and materials. Overall, they keep your truck looking incredibly sleek and stylish.

Storage Space

Part of the beauty of having a truck is all the extra storage space in the truck bed, but this space becomes effectively useless if the weather is bad or if your cargo is too lightweight and could possibly fly away. Tonneau covers make these worries a thing of the past, because any cargo that you store in the truck bed will stay put and stay dry.

Anti-Theft Device

If you’ve got cargo in your truck bed, you probably don’t feel comfortable just leaving it there, out in the open, while you go off and do other things. It’s just all too easy for someone to come along and snatch it right out. But putting it in the cab and taking it back out every time is a huge hassle. Tonneau covers, with their locking features, will keep cargo out of sight and away from prying hands.

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