Truxedo Tonneau Covers – A Buyer’s Guide/Review

September 24th, 2009 by admin

truxedo-tonneau-logoWe’ve been giving a brief overview of some of the top tonneau covers on the market, and we’ve already covered BAK, Extang, and Lund. Today, we’re diving into Truxedo tonneau Covers.

Truxedo Lo Pro QT Tonneau Cover – It’s Truxedo’s claim that they’ve actually installed this tonneau cover in less than 2 minutes. If you can find a faster install than that, we don’t know what it is. The secret is their clamp-on side rails and spring-loaded header guide that don’t require the use of any extra tools. But the best part is that you’re not sacrificing any quality for convenience. You’re still guaranteed a sleek, gas-saving low profile design, efficient automatic tension control, and a cover that stays snug and secure with the help of reliable Velcro fastening. With a hassle-free lifetime warranty, you’re literally guaranteed a lifetime of happiness with your tonneau cover.

Truxedo TruXport Tonneau Cover – If you’re tired of snap-style tonneau covers, then welcome to the next generation. This soft tonneau cover is secured with a dual latching system that is incredibly easy to use. It takes just a minute to unlatch, roll it up to the front, and secure it if you need to carry some oversize cargo. Best of all, this is one of the most economical options available. It gives you the basic features you need, with a sleek and streamlined designed, all at a very affordable price.

Truxedo TonneauTraX – Are you someone who needs a lot of versatility with your tonneau cover? If you find yourself moving a lot of cargo, you’re definitely going to want something that can keep your things from flying about. This tonneau cover has an integrated, tie down track that helps you secure cargo in 3 simple steps. Step 1: Allow the tonneau cover to roll open and uncover its rail system and quick attach cargo anchors. Step 2: Pull the handle on one of the anchors, slide it to the cargo, and secure it in its position. Step 3: Use the heavy-duty clamps to attach the anchors to the cargo. And that’s all there is to it! Now your cargo will stay where it’s supposed to. And you still get the other great features that come standard with most tonneau covers, including weatherproof seals, a no-drill install, and Velcro fastening.

With this kind variety, you’re sure to find the Truxedo tonneau cover that’s right for you. Just head over to and check out the full selection.

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